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You’ve never been under greater pressure to deliver more and better leads, to convert those leads, and to cut costs while doing it. Here’s how SNAP, Superlatives, and SNAP Offer help sales, digital marketing groups, and BDC teams across the country today.

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Hit Your Numbers

Hit your numbers while improving your conversion rate. SNAP provides the perfect  blend of quality and quantity of trade-in leads. We routinely increase lead volume 3-4x over our competitors without flooding your team with junk leads.

Build Trust and Rapport

Build trust and rapport faster. You’ll have better trade-in conversations because they start with real local-market data. Shoppers quickly see how their vehicle compares to other listings in the market, as well as the fees involved in the transaction.

Increase ROI

Increase your team’s ROI and achieve a well-balanced lead gen portfolio. TradePending customers routinely rank SNAP as either the #1 or #2 highest ROI tool in their toolkit.

Unify The Online and In-Store Process

Combine SNAP and SNAP Offer to capture trade-in leads, and then move those customers closer to a trade-in with accurate, market specific values for their vehicles.

Key Features

  • Mobile optimized to increase conversions
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Facebook campaign integration
  • Support for Google My Business product listings
  • Integrated reporting and analytics console
  • CRM integration, supporting all major platforms
  • Fast to implement & integrate – We’ll have it up and running in just a few days across your homepage, SRP, VDP, and its own custom landing page.
  • Flexibility & Customization – You’ve got total control on where SNAP lives on your website, as well its design.


Build Value

The #1 reason people visit your website? To research new & used inventory. Superlatives highlights what makes your used vehicles unique and your new inventory different from your competitors’. Conversations begin with value, rather than a race to the bottom on price.

Create Urgency

Superlatives uses real-time market data to showcase each vehicle’s supply and demand in your local market. At a glance, consumers see average time on the market, high demand vehicles, quick sellers, and more. When presented with market-driven facts, shoppers act with greater urgency to purchase their next car or truck.

Better Conversations

On a daily basis, sales teams are confronted with pricing-only discussions. Superlatives provides market-relevant and vehicle-specific talking points for their everyday customer interactions.

Increase Engagement

Consumers that engage with Superlatives-enhanced inventory consistently outperform regular website visitors. They’ll spend nearly triple the time on your site, visit 3x more pages per session and be twice as likely to return. Superlatives create more valuable shoppers.

Key Features

  • Fully automated – we ingest your inventory daily, automatically applying Superlative’s “badges” to the SRP and VDP.
  • Customizable “Manager’s Specials” to promote home delivery, new tires, new brakes, and other custom options.
  • Mobile optimized for best consumer experience
  • Customizable branding to match your website design
  • Best-in-class customer support
  • De-commoditize new car inventory when comparing against nearby competitors

Best-in-Class Training & Support

No matter if you select one or all of TradePending’s products, your team will receive complete training on the solutions and be supported by our best-in-class Customer Support team.


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From Our Customers

Sales & Marketing Teams Love SNAP & Superlatives

"SNAP is easily the highest ROI solution for any dealer’s website in the last 15 years. SNAP is a tireless workhorse for generating leads for our sales teams. We’ve incorporated SNAP into numerous marketing campaigns and people respond very well to emails inquiring about acquiring and valuing their trade, so we make effective use of this technique."

Justin Brun, Acton Toyota of Littleton, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce

"After we implemented Superlatives, our BDC teams experienced something they’d never seen before with customers: Customers were calling in, asking about and commenting on the Superlatives badges. TradePending turns website visitors into active conversations."

Jim Congdon, Burritt Motors