Sales Enablement That Puts Your Customers First

AutoBio makes every sales person an instant vehicle expert and skilled communicator, and keeps customers engaged with all the information they need.


AutoBio by TradePending

Increase engagement & visits

Customers get ALL vehicle information from you

Customers do their vehicle research from any number of sources. They’ll bounce off your website if you don’t have it, wasting ad spend and losing deals. AutoBio presents all vehicle information in one spot: CARFAX/AutoCheck, service records, window sticker, market data, and more. We keep people engaged longer, and move shoppers further down the funnel.

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Make every sales person an instant expert

Gain credibility, create trust, and build rapport

Customers frequently have more knowledge about their vehicle of interest than your sales people. AutoBio makes each salesperson an instant expert by delivering that same research to your team. They’ll start conversations from a position of knowledge and transparency, and never get caught flat-footed again. You’ll close more deals and hold more gross.

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Instant notifications when old leads re-engage

Bring “dead” deals back to life

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to know where someone is in their buying journey after they stop responding. TradePending alerts your team when a previous lead re-engages with the AutoBio report, whether their first contact was 3 days or 3 months ago.

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Stay top-of-mind and top-of-inbox

Shorten the sales cycle

When customers leave your website or showroom without any information on their vehicles of interest, you’ve missed a huge opportunity to shorten the sales cycle. AutoBio puts vehicle information in the hands and inbox of your customers with your contact info, keeping your dealership top-of-mind when they’re ready to re-engage.

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Nudge for next steps

Turn browsers into buyers

Once customers complete their vehicle research, can they quickly accomplish their next steps of a trade-in valuation and monthly payment research? AutoBio guides them into valuing their trade-in, calculating their monthly payment, or shopping by their budget, turning the research process into a new sales opportunity.

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Key Differentiators

Seamless integration with website conversion products

Now that a consumer has everything they need to know about the vehicle and they’re ready to take the next step, are they going to bounce to a 3rd party site to value their trade-in or shop by monthly payment? We’ve integrated our website conversion products, Trade, Offer, and Payments, directly into AutoBio so consumers can immediately take that next step after receiving their detailed vehicle report.

Market data about each vehicle, not generic content 

Instead of filling AutoBio with generic content any buyer can easily find elsewhere on your site, we load it with rich market data: a vehicle’s local supply, demand, and most highly desired and rare attributes. This creates urgency and builds value in the eyes of your customers, and you’ll hold more gross.

We don’t compete with you for customers

We don’t market to your customers, and when your website visitors engage with AutoBio, they stay on your site. We never re-direct them off to a 3rd party. We build your brand, not ours.

Key Features

Out-of-the-box integrations

We plug right into your DMS, CARFAX, and inventory feeds

OEM Window Stickers

Present the original build data

No Re-Directs

Users stay on your site, never redirected to a 3rd party

Easy to share

Quickly share AutoBio via personalized text and email

Instant alerts

Be notified immediately via text or email when a previous lead views the report again

Know thy customer

Gain a holistc view of each customer and the vehicles they're most interested in

Includes Badges

Market data that differentiates your inventory, builds value, and creates urgency

Video Enabled Autobio

The optional Snapcell integration enables your team to send an Autobio report with a personalized video embedded.

We cannot imagine a partner better suited to the modern way our customers and guest choose to reach their goals. Turns out we have the same goals in common. Get that car sold!

James Hotton, Fields Lexus Glenview