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TradePending API Digital Retailing

Fast and Seamless

Digital Retailing

An important step for a consumer in the digital retailing experience is valuing their trade-in. The TradePending API provides instant access to our valuation methodology for digital retailing partners, creating a seamless customer experience.

Our ability to quickly convert a license plate into a vehicle value, and deliver that value back to your products, is a game-changer.

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TradePending API Insurance Integration

Localized and Customized

Insurance Vehicle Values

Insurance rates are highly localized. There is no better solution for determining your vehicle’s value than TradePending’s API with valuations based on local market data.

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TradePending API Chat Integration

Personal and Individualized

In-Chat Valuations

Walk your customers further down the funnel with an in-chat valuation of their trade-in, getting them closer to the deal.

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TradePending API Finance Integration

Accurate and Confident

Better Asset Valuations

One of the largest assets people own is their vehicle. Be able to show the equity they have built up while being able to sell them better solutions for better cash flow.

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TradePending Vehicle VIN Verification

Quick & Painless

License Plate to VIN Conversion

Utilize the TradePending API to quickly convert a license plate number into a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) within your existing or new products.

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API for Valuations

Digital Retailing

The trade-in is the most variable part of the vehicle deal. Make sure your valuations of the trade-in vehicle are accurate to the local market no matter how quickly it moves.


In-chat valuations allow your customers to receive the value of their trade-in vehicle without disrupting the natural flow of the conversation. Deliver either a trade-in range or a single-price offer.


Give consumers a real-time view of their assets by properly valuing them.When you make their equity visible to them, they gain better insight into other financial products available to them.

API for Merchandising

Automotive Ad Injection

Badges outlines the unique values of every vehicle. Use this API to automatically exemplify the best traits to show off in advertisements.

Vehicle Merchandising

Customers need to see the vehicle they want before coming into the dealership. When using a 360° photo display, make sure the customer can see the ‘rare engine’ it has or the new tires that were put on by calling it out. The Badges API makes your inventory worth more.

Digital Retailing

A customer will feel better about a deal when they know they’re getting a good one. Badges makes the vehicle they like more unique and more valuable.

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