Get More Leads. Acquire More Trades. Sell More Cars.

Trade converts website traffic 300-400% better than any other trade-in tool in the market, giving you more inventory sourcing opportunities than ever before.

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SNAP - Capture More Leads

Trade Will Quickly Become Your

Highest ROI Website Conversion Tool

Trade converts your website traffic to leads more effectively and affordably than any other solution in the market today. We grow trade-in leads 300-400%. Pencil Trade out and we’ll be your #1 or #2 highest ROI.


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SNAP - Increase Conversions, Especially on Mobile

Trade Turns Website Visitors into Customers

Increased Conversion. Especially on Mobile.

The battle for mobile is over. We won. Shoppers have their trade-in report in seconds, rather than minutes. This boosts conversions across mobile and desktop.


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SNAP - We Build Your Brand, Not Ours

Plain and Simple

We Build Your Brand. Not Ours.

Instead of spending our advertising dollars to compete with you directly for brand awareness and impressions, we keep shoppers engaged with your site for trade-in valuations. We believe that you should own the customer relationship, not your trade-in tool provider. Trade keeps your shoppers on your site. We don’t re-sell leads, you own your leads.


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SNAP - Blazing Fast Implementation & Customer Support

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Blazing Fast Implementation & Support

Our fastest time to launch a new customer? 12 minutes. Average support ticket resolution time? Less than 5 minutes. We are not like your other vendors. Bonus: Training is fast, simple, and efficient.


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SNAP - You Have Complete Control

Trade Gives You

Complete Control

Your team has control over the factors that influence trade-in costs for every vehicle on your lot. This ensures your dealership prices appropriately to your market, while your customers have better and more informed conversations with your team.


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You’ll Love Trade Because Of

More Trust. Better Conversations.

For the first time in automotive history, Trade’s transparency aligns dealers and consumers. Both groups see the same data for a trade-in, visually represented in an easy-to-read format. This builds trust, better conversations, and better outcomes. Read more about the Market Report by clicking here.


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Key Features



Local Market Data

Each trade-in report a consumer receives is localized to your dealership, rather than pulling in national averages that don’t reflect your market’s reality.

Mobile Optimized

Over 60% of leads now come from mobile devices. Trade is optimized for mobile so your website visitors turn into customers.

Fast to Implement & Integrate

Digital teams love Trade. We’ll have it up and running in just a few days across your homepage, SRP, VDP, and its own custom landing page.

Flexible & Customizable

You have total control over where Trade lives on your website, as well as its design.

Marketing Teams love Trade

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Support for Google My Business product listings
  • Facebook campaign integration
  • Integrated reporting and analytics console
  • CRM integration, supporting all major platforms



VDP View History

When you see which vehicles consumers viewed on your website, they’re telling you what they want (or don’t want) without you having to ask. Have the right inventory ready to discuss before the conversation even begins, and improve your conversion rates.

Information Validation

Keep your sales team focused on leads with valid contact information. Our slick yet simple approach to phone and email verification delivers a consumer’s trade-in value to their phone and inbox, creating a persistent reminder of their relationship with you. You can also opt to have a PIN text verification as an added measure.

Sharing is Caring

After receiving their market report, consumers can easily share their trade-in value with the other decision makers in their household.  Dealers can also quickly share the trade-in value with customers during the sales cycle, whether in-store, on the phone, or over a text or email conversation.


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Looking for ideas on how to source more inventory? Check out our “Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Pre-Owned Inventory

"I’ve seen all the tools available for dealership websites, and Trade is hands down the simplest and most effective product for conversion and lead generation."

Justin Brun, Acton Toyota of Littleton, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce

I’ve seen and used may different trade tool in my career. TradePending is the first tool that actually uses real market data when conducting vehicle valuations. In this market it's crucial we are as transparent as possible with our clients, as well as giving them the best value possible for their trade. Trade is extremely easy to use, giving our client a quick and easy to read trade valuation in seconds!

Lou DiMattia, Cherry Hill Imports Auto Group, Chief Operating Officer