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Hot Takes with Reunion Marketing

  TradePending’s Hot Takes series returns with special guest Dave Spannhake from Reunion Marketing. Yes, we’re putting our own spin on the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones”, where we interview…


THE AutoBio Demo

Live Demo and Q&A AutoBio, enables dealership employees to tell the full “story” of every vehicle they have for sale.  In this video we discuss:  How to make your sales…


Level Up Your Sales Game

Selling cars ain’t easy, and it’s definitely not getting any easier. Fortunately, Jonathan Dawson of Sellchology can level up your sales game from recruiting and training to sharpening overall sales…

TradePending TV

Dont Test Everything

What I’m about to say is borderline heresy in marketing…Hey marketers, you don’t have to test everything.    Marketers love to test things to see which wording, which copy, which…

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