Convert More Leads with a Streamlined Payment Solution

Payments makes it simple for your customers to estimate their monthly payment and shop inventory by their budget. In under a minute, they’ve got valuable information and you’ve converted more website traffic into leads.


Get more leads, sell more cars

Payments easily plugs into your website, making it quick and simple to view personalized payment estimates on any vehicle. Our process converts in 30 seconds (not 30 minutes), turning more website traffic into leads than any other solution on the market.

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Higher Quality Conversations

First-party leads from Payments will have have 4X more information than a 3rd-party source or a typical website form submission. Payments creates better conversations, more appointments, and higher closing rates.

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You Control the Outcomes

Configure your payment amounts, ranges and types including finance terms, underlying interest rates, interest rate calculations, minimum amount financed, trade values and specific dealer disclaimer. You’re never boxed into a corner and are always in control of the process.

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Bring Confidence to your shoppers’ car buying journey

Payments brings ease and speed to the pre-qualification process, building trust with your shoppers and giving you the full picture of their creditworthiness.

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Integrating Badges into Payments

Support vehicle value and keep customers on your site

A customer’s financial research process will be supported by a vehicle’s unique value propositions, which shifts the conversation from “what the payment range is” to “why this payment is justified.”

Providing more complete information about a vehicle reduces the need for customers to obtain research from sources outside of a dealer’s website.

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Key Features

Data Driven Qualification

Leads come to you with anywhere from 12-20 points of data, giving you everything you need to quickly appoint and finalize the deal.

Personalized Monthly Payments

Show shoppers a realistic monthly loan payment, based on their unique conditions and preferences, right on your website.

VIN-Specific Leads

Invite shoppers to calculate vehicle-specific payments and efficiently pull them through your sales funnel faster.

Service & Protection Plans

Add your most lucrative F&I products and feature them online during the payment experience.

"Payments offers everything a consumer needs to have a good digital experience while providing the information to help my team increase conversions. Today, Payments is one of our highest performing lead sources, and the ROI is through the roof!"

David Gonzalez, GM of Courtesy CDJR Superstition Springs