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Used by thousands of auto dealers, Trade powers inventory sourcing leads, Offer provides accurate trade-in offers, Payments delivers payment leads, while Badges boosts online inventory merchandising.

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Get More Leads, Acquire More Trades, Sell More Cars

Brilliant in its simplicity, Trade easily embeds throughout your website to power trade-in valuations. Consumers get lightning fast market data to value their trade-in, whether on desktop or mobile. Your dealership gets more leads and sources more inventory than ever before, powered by the industry’s most sophisticated valuation methodology. Trade will quickly become the #1 or #2 highest ROI solution in your digital marketing plan.

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Trade - Capture More Leads


Accurate Trade-In Offers That Keep Website Conversions High

Tired of rigid, inflexible trade-in solutions that kill website conversions and don’t match your market reality or buying process? Offer empowers dealers to customize the trade-in process to match their strategy, while increasing website conversion, and providing consumers with more accurate and transparent data about their vehicle.

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TradePending API Digital Retailing


Increase new car leads and reduce friction with fun, transparent payment engagement.

Payments was created to work hand in hand with your F&I office, not replace it. By delivering a user-friendly experience and transparency of information, we engage more of your existing website traffic and convert them into qualified leads. Then, we let you reach out and close the deal your way — online or in the showroom.

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Build More Value, Create More Urgency, Hold More Gross

While almost every merchandising solution steers shoppers towards price, Badges highlights what makes your inventory unique, valuable, and desirable. We automatically apply “badges” to the vehicles on your SRP and VDP pages. These badges show market supply and demand, and popular local market attributes. Buyers have the visibility to realize they do need to move quickly. Your team leads with value instead of price.

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TradePending's Badges Create Urgency

Dealerships Trust TradePending

The Authority in Vehicle Valuations

“This is why I need TradePending to do the values!”


“The Offer tool really allowed us to separate the serious buyer…from the one kicking the proverbial tires.”


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