Software for Trade-in Leads and Dynamic Inventory Merchandising

Increase Website Conversion with Innovative Vehicle Merchandising & 300% More Trade-in Leads

Boost Your Inventory   Acquire Trade-In Leads

Why TradePending?

Used by thousands of auto dealers, SNAP powers trade-in leads while Superlatives boosts online inventory merchandising. 

Grow Revenue

Our solutions significantly improve the ROI of your digital spend with better website engagement and more leads.

Improve Trust

When customers see the transparent data behind the numbers and the unique attributes of your inventory, their trust increases in your dealership, your team, and the process.

Enhance Conversations

When conversations focus on value, quality, and actual market data, your teams can share their expertise and guide consumers to the best purchase for them.

Build Your Brand

Instead of spending our advertising dollars to compete with you directly for brand awareness and impressions, we keep shoppers engaged with your site for trade-in valuations. We don’t re-sell leads, you own your leads.


Acquire more trade-ins and make more sales with TradePending's SNAP


Get More Leads, Acquire More Trades, Sell More Cars

Brilliant in its simplicity, SNAP easily embeds throughout your website to power trade-in valuations. Consumers get lightning fast market data to value their trade-in, whether on desktop or mobile. Your dealership gets more leads and sources more inventory than ever before, powered by the industry’s most sophisticated valuation methodology. SNAP will quickly become the #1 or #2 highest ROI solution in your digital marketing plan.


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TradePending's Superlatives Create Urgency & Build Value during the car buying process.


Build More Value, Create More Urgency, Hold More Gross

While almost every merchandising solution steers shoppers towards price, Superlatives highlights what makes your inventory unique, valuable, and desirable. We automatically apply “badges” to the vehicles on your SRP and VDP pages. These badges show market supply and demand, and popular local market attributes. Buyers have the visibility to realize they do need to move quickly. Your team leads with value instead of price.


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Use TradePending's SNAP API to Power Your App


Real-Time Automotive Market Data

We’re pioneering and powering the automotive market data movement with the SNAP API, solving one of the toughest challenges in digital retailing, the trade-in valuation. Over 50 companies today across multiple industries use our flexible and extensible API. At its core are over 900 million data points, refreshed daily & available for your own products and apps.


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Utilized by Thousands of Dealerships Nationwide

Praised By Our Customers

"Because our customers finally see what makes our inventory unique with Superlatives, two great things happen. First, they’ve got more incentive and urgency to visit our dealership. Second, our conversations with customers focus on the unique value of each vehicle, instead of starting with price negotiations immediately."

John Bartle, Hebert’s Town and Country

"After we implemented Superlatives, our BDC teams experienced something they’d never seen before with customers: Customers were calling in, asking about and commenting on the Superlatives badges. TradePending turns website visitors into active conversations."

Jim Congdon, Burritt Motors

"After years of following the OEM herd, I was introduced to SNAP, by TradePending, and I was hooked. We were happy to see our trade leads literally double when we added SNAP to all our sites."

Peter Deiser, Director of E-Commerce, Ed Morse Automotive Group

“I’ve seen all the tools available for dealership websites, and SNAP is hands down the simplest and most effective product for conversion and lead generation.”

Acton Toyota of Littleton, Director of Marketing and E-Commerce at Dynamic Beacon

Awards & Small Glass Trophies*

Recognized By Our Peers

  • AWA Award for Website Merchandising
    2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
  • 2019 AWA Rising Star (Superlatives)
  • 2020 AWA Rising Star (SNAP API)
  • 2017 Kain Vendor Shark Tank Award – 1st Place
  • 2019 DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction
  • 2020 DrivingSales Dealer Satisfaction
  • 2019 Inc 500 #64
  • 2019 Cornhole Grand Champion
    TradePending All Company Meeting

The TradePending Shelf of Small Glass Trophies That May Have Been Photoshopped.

*The trophies have been dramatized, but we can assure you the accolades are 100% real.