Dynamic Inventory Merchandising

Highlight unique details of every car in your inventory to build value and create urgency.



Build Value

The #1 reason people visit your website? To research new & used inventory. Badges highlights what makes your used vehicles unique and your new inventory different from your competitors’. Conversations begin with value, rather than a race to the bottom on price. If you have inventory, you need Badges.

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Create Urgency

Badges uses real-time market data to showcase each vehicle’s supply and demand in your local market. At a glance, consumers see average time on the market, high demand vehicles, quick sellers, and more. When presented with market-driven facts, shoppers act with greater urgency to purchase their next car or truck.

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Empower Your Team

On a daily basis, sales teams are confronted with pricing-only discussions. Badges provides market-relevant and vehicle-specific talking points for their everyday customer interactions that move beyond price to value.

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Superlatives - Increase Web Engagement


Increase Engagement

Consumers that engage with Badges-enhanced inventory consistently outperform regular website visitors. They’ll spend nearly triple the time on your site, visit 3x more pages per session, 146% of customers return. Badges creates more valuable, more loyal shoppers.

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Allow for Customization and Control

With Badges, you can customize look & feel to match your site, and create your own custom Badges. Easily manage your custom Badges directly from within your website or our app.

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Key Features

video bot

Fully Automated

TradePending ingests your inventory daily, automatically applying, you guessed it, badges to the SRP and VDP.


Create and customize "Manager’s Specials" to promote home delivery, new tires, new brakes, and other custom options.

Mobile Optimized

Badges are mobile optimized for the best consumer experience on your website.

Design Integration

Customizable branding to match your website design.

Support & Implementation

Best-in-class customer support, training, and implementation.

Make Your Inventory Stand Out

Badges Categories & Examples

VIN Vehicle Based

Verified Rare Body Type
Popular Color

Supply Driven

Low Inventory Regionally

Demand Driven

Market Favorite
High Demand

Used Car

Low Mileage
Certified Pre-Owned


Best Warranty
Best Fuel Economy


Remaining Warranty


Verified Best Price
Price Reduction


At Home Delivery
New Brakes / New Tires

"After we implemented Badges, our BDC teams experienced something they’d never seen before with customers: customers were calling in, asking about and commenting on the badges. TradePending turns website visitors into active conversations."

Jim Congdon, Burritt Motors