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Automotive Video Tool Comparison

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Sharing videos with customers during the sales and service process is an effective way to increase lead engagement, response rates, and revenue, but not all software makes the process easy. In this guide, we will outline a few of the key players providing automotive video solutions for sales and service departments.

TradePending and FlickFusion are two popular providers of car dealer software with live video streaming capabilities. Explore the unique features and benefits of TradePending’s Video vs FlickFusion before choosing the right video software for your dealership


The Importance of Automotive Video Marketing Tools for Sales & Service

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, the integration of automotive video marketing has become a crucial element for dealerships striving to stay ahead. Advanced automotive video software empowers dealerships to revolutionize their sales strategies, offering customers immersive and personalized experiences. This innovative approach not only sets a dealership apart in a fiercely competitive market but also lays the groundwork for long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The ability to showcase vehicles through engaging video content allows potential buyers to explore features and benefits in a more interactive manner, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.

Beyond sales, automotive video technology provides great benefits to service technicians also. By incorporating video into the service workflow, technicians can improve communication, streamline problem-solving processes, and boost the bottom line.

This dual functionality of sales and service positions automotive video marketing as an indispensable tool for dealerships.

Both TradePending and FlickFusion offer video apps for car salesmen and service technicians to enable them to record, send, measure, and humanize messages.

About Flickfusion

FlickFusion provides video marketing solutions for dealership marketing, merchandising, and communication. While it does provide a suite of easy-to-use video tools, some major downsides are that this platform requires customer downloads and does not support screen sharing.

About TradePending (fka Snapcell)

TradePending, the leader in automotive video marketing solutions, offers a video platform that enables powerful video communication for vehicle walkaround videos, virtual test drives, loan applications, vehicle inspection/valuation, and more tasks specific to the automotive sales and service industry.

The Advantage of TradePending’s Dealer-Specific Software

When compared to FlickFusion and other car dealer software providers, TradePending’s Video stands out thanks to the following features:

  • No Customer Downloads
  • Industry-leading reliability
  • Easy recording and editing
  • Social sharing made simple
  • Unlimited cloud-based storage
  • Ability to screen share your desktop with customers
  • Vehicle walkaround video capability
  • Out-of-the-box integrations with all major dealership CRMs

Features That Sales Teams Love

The best tool is going to be the one that your salespeople love using! Our automotive video software sees such high adoption rates thanks to easy recording, instant alerts when a customer views a video, and seamless CRM integrations.
These are some standout features offered by TradePending for sales teams that are not offered by FlickFusion:
  • Filters to make your videos look better
  • A customizable landing page that includes contact info and call-to-action buttons for next steps
  • Ability to screen record from a laptop/desktop computer
  • Ability to stitch pre-recorded videos into the ones being recorded on your cell phone
  • Fully CRM-integrated texting platform included for no extra cost
  • Notifications of new leads via CRM integration

Features Car Buyers and Owners Love

Incorporating features that car buyers and owners love not only adds a personal touch to your videos but also directly impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty.
These are the standout features offered by TradePending for car buyers that are not offered by FlickFusion:
  • Dolby’s Crystal Clear audio removes background noises like wind and shop tools
  • Ability to get a trade-in value or calculate a monthly payment built directly into the landing page a customer sees when viewing their video.

Features Dealership Management Love

Dealership management teams love our video marketing tool because it is built specifically for automotive. We combine integrations, ease of use, and detailed reporting to help you understand usage and make coaching easier while keeping your brand messaging tight and TCPA compliant.
These are the standout features offered by TradePending for dealership management teams that are not offered by FlickFusion:
  • AutoBio by TradePending Integration
  • CARFAX Integration
  • iPacket Integration
  • Eleads Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • MotoCommerce Integration
  • Extensive usage reporting to reward top performers and coach others

Features Marketers Love

Marketing teams can save time while enabling real-time engagement with potential customers to boost brand visibility. The right automotive video tool will provide an immersive, interactive experience for customers, which improves the overall effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
These are the standout features offered by TradePending for dealership marketing teams that are not offered by FlickFusion:
  • Ability to respond directly to Facebook and Instagram messages
  • Integration with Google Business Profiles

Discover More Automotive Sales Automation Solutions from TradePending

Bridge the gap with a full suite of auto dealer software and sales solutions from TradePending. Beyond offering the best video engagement platform for dealership sales and service, we offer a dealership trade-in value tool, a car dealership payment calculator, a car value API, automotive merchandising software, and service specials management software.

Request a Demo of TradePending’s Auto Dealer Video Software

Don’t leave video quality to chance with alternative platforms like FlickFusion. Our software is specific to automotive video marketing; it’s quick and easy to use, and no customer downloads are required. Explore what it’s like to use TradePending with these video examples for service and video examples for sales.

Contact our team to learn more or request a demo of the best car dealer app with live video streaming software.


Does TradePending offer onboarding assistance to ensure dealership staff can fully leverage Video features?

We provide comprehensive technical support and training resources to assist users with TradePending including access to tutorials, documentation, and live assistance channels to address any questions or concerns. The platform ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience for sales teams through its intuitive interface and feature-rich functionalities.

How can TradePending’s management and analytics features help dealership management teams?

TradePending empowers dealership management teams with comprehensive management and analytics tools to optimize sales and service operations. The platform offers insights such as viewing duration, click-through rates on call-to-action buttons, and metrics on customer responses to videos shared via CRM integration. These detailed metrics enable dealerships to assess the effectiveness of their video marketing campaigns accurately and make data-driven decisions to optimize engagement and conversion rates.