High Quantity & High Quality First-Party Leads

Configurable Single Price Offers

Tired of rigid, inflexible trade-in solutions that kill website conversions and don’t match your market reality or buying process? Offer empowers dealers to customize the trade-in process to match their strategy, while increasing website conversion, and providing consumers with more accurate and transparent data about their vehicle.

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Offer by TradePending

Maximum Competitive Advantage

Configurable and Flexible

When you can’t control the offers you present to customers, you are losing market share to the chains and online retailers. Fixed questions and deductions don’t match your buying strategy, local competition, or market reality.


Offer puts you in the driver’s seat. Choose the questions to ask consumers about their vehicle, while adjusting the additions/deductions based upon their answers to match your strategy.


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Use One Trade-in Process, Not Two, and

Keep Website Conversions High

Previously dealers had to choose between high converting trade-in tools or lengthy, rigid, and cumbersome online and in-store forms to let consumers value their trade-in.


Offer offer’s unique flow combines both approaches into a single solution, creating both high quantity and high quality leads. Interested to learn how we do it?


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Powered by the Auto Industry’s

Most Accurate Valuation Methodology

TradePending’s valuation methodology remains the only solution that uses real-time, local market data based upon the dealer zip codes. We measure retail “ask” prices instead of out-dated and irrelevant book values. Accurate values translate to better conversations with customers, and better outcomes for consumers and dealers.


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SNAP - Increase Conversions, Especially on Mobile

All the Benefits of Trade

High ROI. Mobile Optimized. Brand Builder.

With Trade integrated into Offer, our solution will be the #1 or #2 highest ROI tool in your marketing tool belt. Our mobile optimized approach maximizes conversions through a simple user experience. And we don’t advertise against you to compete for leads and website traffic. We build your brand, not ours.


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Looking for ideas on how to source more inventory? Check out our “Ultimate Guide to Sourcing Pre-Owned Inventory

Key Features

Customizable Questions

Use our default list of questions to help a consumer value their trade-in, re-order them, or create your own. This ensures values will be accurate in your local market.

Adjustable Additions & Deductions

Adjust how a trade-in’s potential value increases or decreases based upon responses to questions.

Local Market Data

Each trade-in report a consumer receives is localized to your dealership, rather than pulling in national averages that don’t reflect your market’s reality.

Mobile Optimized

Over 60% of leads now come from mobile devices. Offer is optimized for mobile so your website visitors complete the journey.

Fast to Implement & Integrate

We’ll have everything up and running in just a few days across your homepage, SRP, VDP, and your own custom landing page.

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"This is by the far the best approach to managing the trade-in process, both online and in-store, that we've ever seen. We keep lead flow high, move interested customers closer farther down the funnel, and have control over the values to ensure accuracy with our market."

Director of Business Development, Multi-Location Dealership Group

"We made a pile of money". (Grossing 32k front and back on four vehicles)

J.F. Alexander McQueary, General Sales Manager Hubler Ford Franklin

TradePending's suite of trade-in solutions are amazing in three ways. They're much faster than other trade tools on the market, increasing customer engagement driving higher completions. The fully customizable trade valuation questions are remarkable, giving TradePending a huge advantage over other Instant Cash Offer Tools. Their analytics are very easy to use and understand, whether in their app or Google Analytics.

Ted Moore Auto Group, Ben Marriott - Price Analyst

"Sourcing quality used cars is always a top priority for us. We needed a way to deliver accurate single price offers that we could control".

J.F. Alexander McQueary, General Sales Manager Hubler Ford Franklin