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Why The Wobbly Bird?

Sprinkled throughout TradePending’s history is an odd little creature, the Wobbly Bird, or more commonly known as the Drinking Bird. Yes, this is the same bird you learned about in science class as a kid. Douse its nose in water, then watch it bob up and down forever.

But why does TradePending embrace this flightless bird with an unquenchable thirst?

To explain that requires an even stranger discussion that ends with common sense work ethic.

In this clip from “The Simpsons”, Homer discovers he can automate his “work from home” routine by placing the wobbly bird next to his keyboard to repeatedly punch “Y” for the “Yes” command. Things go great…until they don’t.

It’s this idea of automation that has been a steady source of inspiration for the founding team at TradePending. We seek to adopt automation whenever and wherever possible. Much of our professional (and sometimes personal) lives are filled with mundane or over-complicated tasks that could and should be automated.

When TradePending first launched, we used “Wobbly Bird” type automated processes to function as another support person, doing everything from building the real-time database of automotive listing data, to gathering information from contracts, to hunting down product issues, to creating automated emails and more.

The wobbly bird concept is important to our customers because we apply the efficiencies of automation to simplify everything.

  • Wobbly Bird constantly checks our customers’ sites to ensure each custom placement of Trade is live and functioning. This means Trade works all… the… time.
  • If something goes awry, the bird tells our support staff, with most issues being fixed before a customer even knows.
  • Lead delivery is a vital component of our service. If the wobbly bird detects an issue with any CRM address… whazzow! It shrieks like a starving condor, alerting our support staff to rush to the rescue!

If only every automotive vendor cared so much to appoint such a simple and hyper-intelligent staff member, the world would be a better place for us all.

If you’ve read this far and feel inspired to have your own drinking bird at your side, fill out this form. We’ll mail one out to you ASAP!