September 14, 2020

Webinar: Best Practices for Trade-In Leads and Inventory Merchandising

In this thirty minute webinar, you’ll hear directly from TradePending customers. They’ll share their direct experience for building, structuring, and coaching their teams to handle trade-in leads and inventory merchandising.

We’ll then move beyond the discussion to the real-world application of both TradePending products, showing each product in action:
* Trade – the highest converting trade-in tool in the industry
* Badges – dynamic inventory merchandising to build value and create urgency for every vehicle on your lot

You won’t find an easier way to learn something new from your peers, and to quickly check out two of the most powerful digital solutions currently available.

Joe Dallas, Chief Business Officer, TradePending
Kate Redmond, Marketing Director, Hunter Automotive Group
Erin Langston, President, Lighthouse Website Management

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