The Wobbly Awards Ceremony

The Wobbly Awards return for their third installment as we recognize the achievements of our customers over the past year. We were inundated with nominations both from our customers and our team.

Choosing the winners was difficult, and customers that supplied us with supporting documentation really shined. The 2023 winners are below, and you can view examples of their best practices in this presentation.

Email Marketing Grand Champion

Acura of Baton Rouge killed it this year in email marketing. It’s hard to explain, you will just have to see for yourself (slide 29). These efforts resulted in 6,027 total website conversions, reaching 12,000 sign-ups with luxury-designed email campaigns.

Inventory Sourcing Grand Champion

This award recognizes the highest achievements in inventory sourcing, and it goes to Alamo Toyota of San Antonio, TX. The team absolutely delivers with 1.8% website conversion rate, 300+ Trade leads, and 400+ Payments leads every month.

Most Engaged Person of All-Time Champion

Awarded to a single person, this individual worked closely with the TradePending team to achieve fantastic results for their business, while pushing us to continue improving. Chris Merritt, GSM at Classic Acura Southeast Texas, requested monthly CSM meetings, added Badges to highlight inventory, and always used the resources TradePending had to offer. That’s what we are here for! Congrats Chris! 

Online Service Experience Champion

This award goes to Big Al’ Gillespie and his Team over at Feldman Automotive Group. By utilizing all Fixed Ops Digital has to offer, ‘Big Al’ Gillespie ensures that all the information a service customer requires is upfront with informational videos and clear and consistent pricing.

Payments Grand Champion – Automotive

McCarthy Honda of Overland Park, KS brings home this trophy. Angela Cramsey is our number one cheerleader and number one partner, walking every store through setup. And the success is in the numbers, 240+ Payment leads per month!

Payments Grand Champion – Powersports

RideNow Powersports has implemented Payments across all channels of their business. With QR code standing banners, Google Business Profile implementation, and info in employee signatures they have shown how to make the most of this powerful tool.

Rookie of the Year

Happy to announce that Tim Evans and the Team at Evans Auto Sales brought home the Rookie of the Year trophy for 2023. They are a smaller indie store located in York, SC that KILLS IT. Simple website, with great tools/people/process – unbelievable results.

Sales Enablement Team of the Year

A new category for us this year, Matt Bowers Chevrolet was an early adopter of AutoBio and have truly excelled. Their #1 salesperson has sent over 1,000 AutoBios and it’s his first year selling cars. Huge round of applause for their team!

Sales Video Team of The Year

Congrats to Eden Prairie Nissan! Shane Mahowald and team starred in the new commercial and it’s been cut for more shorts for social. He embodies and conveys the energy and feel that you get at EPN and they wanted people to feel it too. They have seen great feedback on all marketing channels where the video has been pushed.

Service Video Team of the Year

Midland Honda of Ontario, Canada has taken our new video offering for service to new heights. Using video to increase transparent, trustworthy messages to communicate with their customers and talk about repair needs.

Service Lane Sourcing Grand Champion

This award recognizes the ability to source used car inventory from the service lane using creativity, smart processes, and great teamwork. Preston Superstore of Burton Ohio brings home the trophy this year. Bill Preston sends his team to the service drive daily to work this program. 

Social Media Grand Champion

Stephaine Clark at Bob Ruth Ford brings home the gold for Social Media Grand Champion. With 132% impression share increase YOY and 37% lead increase YOY, they executed amazing social media campaigns that generated outstanding results for new leads and inventory sourcing opportunities.

Vehicle Merchandising Champion

Small but mighty, Carma Automotive Group of Englewood, FL is this year’s winner. They utilize Badges to highlight key features online and also send 400+ AutoBio detailed vehicle reports a month.

API Partner of the Year

Congratulations to FRIKINTECH (coolest name ever), who’s been making innovative use of the TradePending API this past year. A long-term TradePending partner demonstrating API growth, and all around good bunch of people.

TradePending Top Performers

This cohort demonstrated excellence in sourcing inventory not only through the usage of TradePending products but also across all marketing channels and processes. 

These winners have excellent website and form conversion rates, regardless of their market size or website traffic.

Amery Chevrolet – great conversations with both Trade and Payments leads.

Bayside Volkswagen – Knocked out of the park this year and all around great partners.

Bluegrass Harley-Davidson – 1,600+ Payments Powersports leads since March and Itlize QR codes in showroom.

Boucher Group – Utilized our landing pages with great results in their Marketing campaigns and also with their service banners.

Eden Prairie Nissan – Using video to set themselves apart.

Everett Team Auto – Social media content that reached 5 million through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Jimmy Britt Chevrolet – GMC – Implementing Payments in video to reach customers farther down the path to purchase.

Willis Automotive – website conversions through the roof

Johnny Londoff Autoplex – Both sales and service create original content for audiences.

Meyers Motors –  Success in email and social media marketing

Missoula Chevrolet – Does a great job with the large amounts of leads and great conversion.

Mtn View Ford, Chevy, View 153, and Hyundai – 12,000+ Payments Leads, 5-to-1 lead count windfall over other 20 group stores maintaining high closure ratio, Grew lead volume despite cutting spend in half and Great use of video

Royal Oak Chevrolet – utilized QR codes on air freshers to give their customers in a new and unique approach!

Serra Chevrolet – Killing it with Payments, works service drive, hang tags, and such great email campaigns.

Toyota of Des Moines – excellent website conversion %