Navigating the Crossroads of Digital Retailing and Consumer Experience

Digital retailing was a hot topic heading into 2020, but then…virtually all physical locations closed, forcing digital retailing into the spotlight.

But what does the data say about the reality of the online car buying experience today? In this webinar, expert panelists George Nenni and Paul Schnell unravel the myths and share firsthand data about the current state of digital retailing. Topics include:

  • The truth sets on consumer behavior, pulled directly from Google Analytics
  • Creating seamless experiences between digital retailing leads and the new reality of car buying
  • Important data sets to power and refine digital retailing
  • Digital retailing’s short and long-term future

Joe Dallas, Chief Business Officer, TradePending
George Nenni, Owner, Generations Digital
Paul Schnell, Digital Marketing Director, Alpha Auto Group