August 11, 2021

Attend Trade+ Product Unveiling Webinar

TradePending VDP view history on the market report

Join us on Tuesday August 17th at 2pm ET to see the product unveiling of Trade+.  More context below.

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Trade+ Improves Conversions with VDP View History

From within the TradePending app, dealers will be able to see each vehicle display page (VDP) that a trade-in lead views while browsing your website, whether before or after they’ve submitted their contact information.

When you see which vehicles consumers viewed on your website, they’re telling you what they want (or don’t want) without you having to ask. Have the right inventory ready to discuss before the conversation even begins, and improve your conversion rates.

With a quick glance, your sales and BDC teams will be able to tell who is a serious shopper versus who is casually browsing, and adjust their talk tracks appropriately.

Improve Sales Efficiency with Information Validation

TradePending email and phone validationAfter typing in the year, make, model, and trim, a person inputs in their contact information. Prior to receiving their trade-in value, the information validation feature adds an extra step to confirm where we should send the market report.

You’ve got the option to require a cell phone number or an email address, or to let the consumer choose between cell or email.

Keep your sales team focused on leads with valid contact information, making them more efficient. Our slick yet simple approach to phone and email verification delivers a consumer’s trade-in value to their phone and inbox, creating a persistent reminder of their relationship with you.

This is a great feature to enable if you already have a high volume of inbound trade-in leads, or you’re experiencing higher than normal bogus lead submissions. You can work with our support team to enable/disable this feature at any time.

Increase Engagement With Email/Text Sharing

TradePending email and phone sharing of the market reportAfter receiving their market report, consumers can easily share their trade-in value with the other decision makers in their household via text or email. Dealers can also quickly share the trade-in value with customers during the sales cycle, whether in-store, on the phone, or over a text or email conversation.

We make it easy for consumers and dealers alike to include the other household members into the conversation about the trade-in value and next steps. Because the email and text live in their respective inboxes, the consumer has a persistent reminder of their trade-in offer. They can click the link to the market report at any time to receive an updated value on their vehicle.

This one is simple. Turn it on, and let it run.

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