Why choose TradePending Video (formerly known as Snapcell) and not another video platform?


TradePending’s video solutions (formerly known as Snapcell) were built specifically for the automotive industry as a best-in-class solution, rather than trying to serve multiple different industries or be a feature add-on to a CRM. We’ve designed each feature specifically for sales and service teams to make it easy for them to use and for you to manage.


We maintain the highest reliability in the marketplace. Unlike some platforms, TradePending will always send your videos to your clients. Our software ensures that whenever there is no internet available, your video is not deleted as may happen with other CRM tools. When a sufficient signal is available, TradePending Video will send your video.


The TradePending Support team is a four-time winner of The Stevie Awards for outstanding customer service in the software industry. We aim to resolve any technical / training issues within hours not days.

Return on Investment

Not only is TradePending Video an affordable tool that any size dealer can comfortably afford, but it also delivers results. Check out the success stories from Harrisonburg Honda and Jim Hudson Ford.

If you’re looking for more information on the alternatives for video, check out this brief explanation, “How to pick video software for your dealership”.

How Is TradePending Video Different From My Staff Sending A Video Link From Their Own Phone?

Sure, you can send video from your phone, but it’s not a great idea because 1) It’s not TCPA compliant 2) There’s no reporting or tracking 3) You won’t get notified when someone watches your video. Watch this video for more details.

Does TradePending Video Integrate With Our CRM?

Yes, TradePending Video integrates with most of the major CRM platforms, except for the ones that don’t play nice.

How Do My Sales and Service Teams Use It?

Most commonly, your team will download the TradePending Video app from either the Apple or Google app stores. They can also record and send video from their desktop or laptop computers that are equipped with a camera.

How Long Does It Take To Set Up And Get Started?

For an average dealer with 10-15 users, we can get your account set up and running in a few days. The real work begins then, to make sure you and your management team are truly “bought in” to bring video into your dealership and get everyone trained. We’ve got a well-designed approach to training that will get everyone using the platform ASAP.

Does My Customer Need To Have The TradePending Video App To Receive A Video Or Livestream?

Nope. As long as your customer has an email address or a mobile phone number, they’ll be able to view your videos and communicate with you.

Is TradePending Video TCPA Compliant?

Yes, TradePending is TCPA compliant. Our system will send your customers a pre-text asking them to agree to receive a text message from you, and then your initial video will follow.

Can I change plans or cancel at any time?

Yes, we provide multiple contracting options from month-to-month to annual to best accommodate your needs and your budget.

Can I Send the Same Message To More Than One Customer?

Yes. You can send any video you create to as many customers as you like, which significantly speeds up your process.

Is The Platform Social Media Friendly?

Of course! You have the option to share your videos on any social media site and so does your customer.

Am I Notified When Someone Has Viewed The Video?

Yes, we send alerts to your team member who shared the video acknowledging that the customer has viewed the video. This is a great way to know when your customers are engaging and re-engaging with your dealership.

Does TradePending Video Integrate With Our Social Media Pages?

Yes. We have integrations built allowing you to post to your company’s social media pages with the click of a button.

Can I Make A Video With No Internet?

Yes, the video recorded will be sent to your customer once an internet connection is established.

Can You Send The Video By Text?

Videos can be sent by text (SMS) or email, or both if you like!