Just Because You Can “Do Video” By Yourself, Doesn’t Mean You Should


In a world of auto-responders, canned emails, automated texts, and scripted voicemails, using video in the car buying process is such a different experience that it grabs your customers’ attention. 

Should you pick up your phone and start sending videos right now? Slow your roll.

True, doing some video is better than doing no video, but there are 3 main reasons why you should be using a video platform instead of personal devices.

  1. How in the heck will you know what your team is sending, and if it adheres to your training and processes? Simple answer. You won’t.
  2. If you plan to review & report on what the team is sending, you’re gonna need those videos in your CRM. Video platforms make that super simple. Asking a rep to upload their videos manually into a CRM? Ha!
  3. Compliance is boring, until it isn’t. If your team is sending videos shot from their phone directly to a customer, they are violating the Telephone Communication Protection Act with each message they send. At a minimum $500 per message, that’s gonna add up really quick.  Is that risk worth the couple hundred bucks a month in cost savings? 

Bonus reason! Wouldn’t it be nice to get notified when your customers are watching the videos, so your team knows when to re-engage? That’s not gonna happen with a personal phone, but is out-of-the-box goodness with a video platform.