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Why Do All These Buttons Do The Same Thing? The CTA Wars Round 3

If you’ve got multiple call-to-action buttons on your site that appear to do the same thing, and they’re from different vendors, let’s have a quick chat. 


The CTA Wars acknowledges that all of us software vendors are competing for limited real estate on a dealer’s website. If you control the buttons, you get to claim all the results.


There’s nothing wrong with having multiple calls-to-action on your site that do the same thing. You’re making sure that you make it easy on the buyer to get the info they need when they’re ready to request it.


But there’s one easily preventable mistake that’s relatively easy to fix.


The problem: multiple vendors with multiple CTAs that all do the same thing. 


In this real world example here that we’re blanking out to protect the innocent, you’ve got this spicy orange banner at the top from TradePending to help someone know how much they can afford based upon their monthly payment. 


Then we’ve got this “calculate my payment in less than 60 seconds”, which is not TradePending, even though we do that, doing the exact same thing. 


If the buyer goes through two separate vendor processes and gets two separate numbers, now you’re confusing your buyer. Confusion = ghosting = no sale.


The advice: pick one vendor and stick with them.