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Who’s Integrated Vs. Siloed at NADA 2024?

As you stroll the never-ending aisles at NADA, see if you can read between the lines. That is, for all of the companies out there buying other companies, do they keep them as stand alone products, or try to integrate them together? And why does that even matter? 

There has been a ton of M&A activity in the automotive software industry, and you’re usually not used to seeing them integrated except on the invoice, amirite?

Instead of keeping companies, brands, and products in silos, we’re taking the approach of integrating all of our products together. But so what…why does that matter? There is the boring reason, and then there’s the sexy reason.

Nobody wants ADD, another damn dashboard, and nobody wants to work with a company and have to log into multiple solutions from the same company. That’s why at NADA we’ll be working out of, and showing off, a single platform to access Trade, Payments, Badges, AutoBio, and Snapcell. It ain’t sexy, in fact it’s quite boring, but our love for single sign on is real. 

The sexy reason is that when you can smoothly transition a customer from their vehicle research into a personalized video into a trade-in into a payment estimate, or accomplish those steps in any order through any product, now you’re empowering your customers to navigate and complete their research and buying journey with you and you alone. 

You get more bang from your software buck, and with a unified platform  it will be easier to get that bang. This is Vegas after all.

Come see us in the West Hall and/or the North Hall. We’ve got two booths and we’re giving away 2 orange inflatable hot tubs, plus free shirts, free drinks, and slot car racing.