TradePending TV

What Does TradePending Do?

What does TradePending do? We sell software to car dealers! 

Today we work with over 5,000 dealers across the US and Canada today and we’ve got three buckets of products

The first bucket is about making your website convert better – we’ve got a trade-in tool that uses real-time market data instead of old school books, a guaranteed single price offer tool, and the absolute best payments conversion tool ever, making it really easy for consumers to calculate a monthly payment on their vehicle of interest or browse your inventory by what they can afford. These three solutions juice website performance.

The second bucket of products makes it easier for salespeople to sell cars: using video in the sales process so that dealers and car shoppers can communicate face-to-face even if they’re not physically together. 

We’ve also got super unique and creative inventory merchandising called Badges, and finally AutoBio makes it simple to send out detailed digital brochures to your customers so they get all of their customer research done in one spot…with you.

The last bucket of TradePending products is all about retention & loyalty from your service department. Instead of the heavy weight multi-point video solutions you’re familiar with, we’ve got a super light weight and ridiculously simple to operate video solution for your service drive. Because we know that customers need to see to believe that yes, they’re brakes and tires are really in bad shape. 

And finally in this retention bucket is service offers management for your website that makes it simple for a single person to keep your service offers up-to-date and relevant across all of your marketing channels and rooftops.




What factors are taken into consideration when generating a single price offer for a customer’s trade-in?

TradePending’s trade-in tool utilizes real-time market data sourced from various sources, including industry databases and market trends. This data is analyzed to provide accurate valuations for vehicles based on factors such as make, model, year, condition, mileage, and demand. The single price offer tool generates a guaranteed offer for a customer’s trade-in based on this valuation, eliminating the need for negotiation and providing transparency in the transaction process.


How does Badges work, and what specific benefits does it offer in terms of improving inventory visibility and attracting potential buyers?

The Badges inventory merchandising feature offered by TradePending is designed to enhance inventory visibility and attract potential buyers. Badges are unique and creative visual elements that highlight specific attributes or selling points of vehicles in a dealership’s inventory. These badges can indicate features such as low mileage, one-owner history, or recent maintenance, helping to differentiate vehicles and capture the attention of prospective buyers browsing the dealership’s website or listings.


What advantages does service video offer in terms of ease of use and effectiveness in conveying vehicle maintenance issues to customers?

TradePending’s lightweight video solution for the service drive offers a simplified and user-friendly approach to video communication in the service department. Unlike traditional multi-point video systems, which may be cumbersome and complex to operate, TradePending’s solution is designed to be easy to use and operate, requiring minimal training for dealership staff. This solution enables service advisors to capture and share videos with customers to visually illustrate maintenance issues or repair recommendations, helping to build trust and transparency in the service process.