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We Combined Two Products and The Results are 🔥🔥🔥


In case you missed it, TradePending acquired Snapcell, the automotive video platform back in August. Behind the scenes, we’ve been smashing together, smashing nicely, their video product and our AutoBio product. Here’s the why, the how, and the so what.


Here’s Why We Did It

Our approach to acquisition is integration of the people, the products, and the processes. The opposite approach being to buy a company and let them keep running as a separate entity.

We prefer our way because it allows our product and development teams to find new, novel, and creative ways to make great products even greater, and ultimately more helpful for dealers and their customers.

AutoBio is our existing solution that makes it really simple for car buyers to do all of their vehicle research in one spot – CARFAX, warranties, repair history, window sticker, and more. That same information makes every sales person an instant expert on every vehicle on your lot.

Snapcell makes it easy for sales people and service teams to share personalized videos with customers at each stage of their buying journey and ownership life cycle.


Here’s How We Do It

Here’s what happens when you combine those two products, told through two scenarios.

A customer visits your dealership, test drives two cars, and decides not to buy. Instead of leaving empty handed, your team sends them the report that contains everything they need to know about the vehicle. That’s AutoBio. Now with Snapcell, that text or email can also contain a personalized video thanking the customer for their visit, along with a walk-around of the vehicle.

Similarly, a customer submits a request online for more information about a vehicle. Your team puts together a quick video showcasing the car and sends them the video. That’s Snapcell. By integrating into AutoBio, that message can and should also include all of the additional information about the car.


Here’s Why It Matters

When you provide a human, personalized touch to your customer interactions, you stand out. You’re remembered. You break down those dealership stereotypes, and you’re building trust.

When you provide all of the vehicle research in one spot, you’re helping that customer save time, shortening their process as well as yours.

When you combine those two experiences, you and your customers reap all of those combined benefits together. You will close more deals and you will accelerate your sales cycle.