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TradePending Does What Now? The More You Know…


When TradePending first started in 2014 the question we heard most was, “Wait, who are you?”. 


Now with over 4,000 dealers as customers, the question we hear most is “Wait, TradePending does what? I thought you guys were just a trade-in tool”? 


It’s true, we only offered one product for the first 3.5 years of our existence. Now, we do 6 things.


We’re most known for our website conversion powerhouse Trade. In just a few seconds, people exchange their contact information for a trade-in range on their vehicle. This is the perfect solution to quickly and easily capture those high-funnel shoppers.


But did you know that we also provide a guaranteed single price offer? Yep, more motivated consumers also want that firm price, and Offer gives that to them. The big difference here between us and everybody else is that our customers can configure the questions you ask of a consumer, as well as the amount you deduct for those answers, putting you firmly in control of matching the end values to your acquisition strategy.


Payments is up next, and similar to Trade, we designed it to get consumers the information they want around their monthly payment, or how much car can they buy, in just a few seconds instead of 10-15 minutes, which is how long most other solutions take. Dealers, you can control and configure those amounts, too, so that you’re delivering numbers that match your in-store process and strategy. Trade + Offer + Payments is a triple threat of first-party lead generation. 


Badges was our second ever product to launch, and brings innovation and creativity to vehicle merchandising. Badges tells the “Why” of every vehicle, as in “why it’s unique, different, and valuable”. When people can see there’s only one of the car they want within 100 miles or that it sells in just a few days, that creates urgency! When people see that it’s got the lowest mileage of all the comparables within the market, that builds value.


AutoBio is our most recent edition to the TradePending platform. Selling got hard again, and AutoBio makes it easier. We’re putting all of the vehicle records and history into the hands of both the dealer and the consumer, and including all that great Badges information. And when people re-engage with the report your team shared with them, your team gets notified, bringing seemingly dead deals back to life. Where we really stand out is making it easy to turn those vehicle researchers into engaged prospects by gentle nudging them into next steps to value their trade, calculate a monthly payment, or schedule a test drive. 


Finally – if you want any of that vehicle valuation or merchandising information, we’ve got the available through the TradePending API. You’ll see us powering values across most of the major chat and digital retailing solutions today.


There it is – Trade, Offer and Payments to convert your website traffic into leads. Badges to build value and create urgency, and AutoBio to level up your sales game.