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TradePending Delivers Results for Infiniti of Nashua

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David Belliveau, the Internet Sales Director for Infiniti of Nashua in New Hampshire, keeps a close watch on the performance of his vendors. Like any good business leader, he wants to know which products, programs, and campaigns deliver a strong return on investment.

We sat down with David in May of 2022 to dig into his stats with TradePending. Their results were fantastic, delivered through a powerful combination of technology and his team’s effort.

May 2022 Results with TradePending

$44,800 in total gross in new sales sourced from TradePending leads

$59,700 total gross after selling units purchased from trade-in leads

Their overall website conversion rate is one of the highest we’ve seen, clocking in at 1.93%. Their form completion tops out at 42.5%, meaning that over 40% of the people that start the trade-in process end up becoming a lead.

How Do They Do It?

Having the right tool in place is just the beginning. David attributes their success to smart marketing and solid follow-through.

“Our strategy for getting the most out of TradePending is pairing their solution with straightforward email marketing and a simple process for the consumer,” says Belliveau. “We send out two email newsletters per month sharing openly how badly we need cars. Then we make the process for consumers to get a single price offer quick and painless”. 

Each email newsletter typically generates 30-40 leads in the first few hours. Once a trade-in lead lands in the hands of their sales team, they’ve built a culture around treating these leads as urgent and important, emphasizing timely and methodical follow-up.

“What’s been important for us is the ability to configure the values that a customer sees. TradePending’s values have been spot-on from the start, and we can raise or lower those values based upon our vehicle acquisition strategy. Because the market is aggressive, we adjust our offers higher to instantly compete with the other dealerships and big box retailers in our area.”

Infiniti of Nashua also proactively captures trade-in leads from their service department, and does so in a way that doesn’t hamper their service team’s business. Their customers find printed signs in the lounge, by the coffee machine, and in the restrooms, providing them with a simple way to value their trade on-the-spot. When the customer scans the QR code on the sign, their phone opens a “Value your trade” landing page. 

Belliveau adds, “We generate an additional 4-5 leads per month from this approach, and it’s zero extra effort and totally free. We track each location with UTM codes, so we know which spots in our building convert the best”. 

Congratulations to Infiniti of Nashua on taking control over their sourcing strategy and achieving excellent results!

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