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The Curious Case of Misleading Buttons

How would you like it if you hit your car horn and the headlights turned on instead?

Or if you turned the radio on and instead of hearing your favorite Yacht Rock tracks, your trunk opened? You’d be confused and frustrated, and you’d get rid of that car.

A similar weird behavior happens on dealers’ websites every single day, and it’s the fault of us vendors, and here’s how to fix it.

The call-to-action buttons on a dealer’s website are precious real estate. Own the button, get the results, get canceled less.

In working with thousands of dealers, we unfortunately see that many of these buttons mislead customers about what’s going to happen next after they click it. Because these CTAs are such precious real estate, many vendors push dealers to re-label CTAs based upon what their product does, not what the consumer wants or needs.

Here’s how you fix it.

Want someone to chat with your team? Label that button “Chat”, not “value your trade” or “calculate a payment”. The people that want to chat know where to go.

Want someone to buy a car online? Label that button “Buy This Car”.

Want someone to complete an online appraisal? Label that button “Appraise my car”.

Want someone to get a quick payment estimate? Call that “Calculate my payment”.

How about value their trade-in? You guessed it, call that “Value my trade”.

When you guide your customers into the next step they’re most interested in taking, instead of confusing them with misleading buttons, they’ll reward you by staying on your site longer and turning into leads at a much higher rate.


Why are call-to-action buttons on a dealer’s website important?

Call-to-action buttons on a dealer’s website are crucial as they represent valuable real estate that can significantly impact user engagement and conversion rates. By optimizing these buttons, dealers can drive desired actions from visitors and reduce abandonment rates.

What is a common problem with call-to-action buttons on dealers’ websites?

Many call-to-action buttons on dealers’ websites mislead customers about the action that will follow once clicked. This often occurs when buttons are labeled based on what the product does, rather than focusing on what the consumer wants or needs.

How can dealers improve the effectiveness of their call-to-action buttons?

Dealers can enhance the performance of their call-to-action buttons by accurately labeling them to align with customer intentions. For example, using straightforward labels like “Chat”, “Buy This Car”, “Appraise my car”, “Calculate my payment”, and “Value my trade” can guide customers to the next step they are most interested in taking.

What benefits can dealers expect from correctly labeled call-to-action buttons?

By guiding customers towards the actions they desire through clear and relevant button labels, dealers can increase user engagement, prolong website visits, and generate leads at a higher conversion rate. This user-centric approach fosters a positive online experience and improves overall website performance.