The Cannonball Run – A Virtual Conference Event

We kicked off our first-ever Cannonball Run Conference in August and it was an absolute hit. Thank you to our amazing speakers for bringing their expertise on today’s more important topics in automotive marketing and sales.



Join TradePending and a superb roster of automotive professionals for this 100% virtual half-day mini-conference. Instead of speeding along a cross-country route, we’re driving along on the customer journey, guided by our panel of experts.

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The Big Picture

How are dealers and consumers reacting to the current major trends in automotive, such as higher interest rates, greater consumer saving, decreasing new and used vehicle values, and more.


DRIVE: Driving People to Your Website, AI Edition

We’ll share how dealers are using ChatGPT to augment their SEO, SEM, and PPC marketing efforts to drive more traffic to your website.


CONVERT: Converting Traffic to Leads

You’ve driven all of this traffic to your website, now what? Our speakers will share their best practices for maximizing your website conversion and increasing show rates.


SELL: Turn Leads into Sales

Leads are no good if you can’t convert them into new customers. This interactive session will help your sales team understand the psychology behind selling, and how to overcome common objections before they even happen.


MEASURE: Analyze the results

Did all of that effort pay off? Which channels are performing the best, and how the heck should you make sense of it in GA4? Our expert panel will answer these questions and more.


Download the Handouts