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Get More Leads with a “Buying Power” Campaign


With interest rates through the roof, vehicle affordability is a top concern for your buyers. An easy way to set them at ease is to help them understand how much car they can afford based upon their comfort level for monthly payment.

“Hey Matthew, how do I do that?” I’m glad you asked. Take a look at Hagerstown Kia. 

Internet Sales Manager Richard Koehler created a straightforward campaign that drove people to this landing page. (That’s our Payments product that’s powering this page).

A person inputs their desired monthly payment, a few other details, and then shazam! He or she can see not only the total purchase price of a vehicle they can afford but also the inventory that matches that budget. It’s pretty slick.

The great news for Hagerstown Kia is that this one easy campaign resulted in 12 net new sales for them in May of 2023.




How does running a similar campaign help address buyers’ concerns about vehicle affordability, particularly in light of high interest rates?

Running a “What’s My Buying Power” campaign addresses buyers’ concerns about vehicle affordability by providing them with a straightforward way to understand how much car they can afford based on their desired monthly payment. This campaign helps alleviate worries stemming from high interest rates by empowering customers to make informed decisions about their purchasing options within their budgetary constraints.


What steps are involved in setting up a landing page powered by a product like Payments, and how does it help customers determine their buying power?

Implementing a campaign like the one described at Hagerstown Kia involves creating a landing page where customers can input their desired monthly payment and other relevant details. The landing page, powered by a product like Payments, then calculates the total purchase price of a vehicle that fits their budget and displays matching inventory. This process streamlines the car-buying journey for customers, making it easier for them to find suitable vehicles within their financial means.