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When it’s time to research buying a car, the average buy spends over 14 hours poking around 5-6 different websites, and ultimately only visits one, maybe two dealerships. How can you help your buyers do better research, do it with you, and build rapport before they even show up? 

If you’re able to help a person do their vehicle research faster, and make that personal connection before they even set foot in the door, you will win their business, and you’ll win it faster.

Ultimately you want your team to be the trusted resource when it comes to helping people understand everything they need to know about a car: the accident history, completed service work, remaining warranty, the window sticker, the awards, the everything. 

If you’re able to provide them with this info, that window of time they need to research shrinks, shortening the sales cycle, and keeping them engaged with your dealership, not poking around every 3rd party website.

When you share that information, you can send it via text or email, and both of those work okay, but if you really want to stand out, send it along with a personalized video.  People like working with people, and they like watching a quick video, and they will drive past your competition because you took the time to build that personal connection.

To sum it up: send people all of the research they need to shorten the sales cycle, and send a video along with it. Your engagement rates will skyrocket, and your sales will increase.

And if you need a couple of products to do all of this in minutes not hours, check out AutoBio, our product for digital brochures, and TradePending’s Video for Sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the average buyer spend researching before purchasing a car?

The average buyer spends over 14 hours researching, visiting 5-6 different websites, and ultimately only goes to one or two dealerships.

How can we help buyers do better research with us?

By providing comprehensive, easy-to-access information about the cars we sell, we can facilitate faster, more effective research for buyers. Building a personal connection through this process can also help win their business more quickly.

What kind of information should we provide to help buyers with their research?

You should provide detailed information about the car including:

  • Accident history
  • Completed service work
  • Remaining warranty
  • Window sticker
  • Awards and accolades
  • Any other relevant details

How does providing detailed information help shorten the sales cycle?

When buyers have access to all the information they need upfront, the time they need for research decreases. This keeps them engaged with your dealership and reduces the likelihood of them exploring third-party websites.

What is the best way to share this information?

While text and email are effective, sending a personalized video along with the information can significantly enhance engagement. Personalized videos help build a personal connection, making buyers more likely to choose your dealership over the competition.

Why do personalized videos make such a difference?

People prefer working with people they feel connected to. Personalized videos create a more engaging and human interaction, increasing the likelihood that buyers will choose your dealership over others.

How can we increase our engagement rates and sales using this approach?

Share all the necessary research information with buyers and accompany it with a personalized video. This approach can significantly increase engagement rates and drive higher sales.

Are there any tools that can help streamline this process?

Yes, tools like AutoBio for digital brochures and TradePending’s Video for Sales can help you provide all the necessary information and personalized videos quickly and efficiently.

What are the benefits of using these tools?

These tools allow you to compile and share comprehensive vehicle information and personalized videos in minutes rather than hours, keeping buyers engaged and moving them through the sales cycle faster.