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OEM Mandating Digital Retailing? Try This!

Is your OEM mandating that you have to use their digital retailing tool? We can’t un-mandate that, but there’s a solution that will keep your website performing at its best. 

Digital retailing tools have their place, but that place is not converting your website traffic into leads. They typically perform worse by a factor 7.

If that’s your sole source of lead capture for trade-in valuations and payment estimates, and you feel like you’re stuck because your OEM is mandating this solution, you do have an option!

That option is “co-exist”. Yes, you can, and you should have separate tools on your site that specialize in website conversion, and they can coexist peacefully with those OEM mandated solutions.

Looking for some examples?

Check out Lynchburg Toyota of Auburn, or Audi Hilton Head, or Lithia Nissan of Fresno, or Union County Kia, or Delaney Nissan, or John Amato Hyundai, or Leskovar Honda, or Honda of Jonesboro…you get the idea.

Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater and cancel your website conversion tools just because your OEM is mandating digital retailing. Coexist.




What challenges do dealerships face when their OEM mandates a specific digital retailing solution for their website, and how does this impact the dealership’s ability to capture leads effectively?

Dealerships facing OEM mandates for specific digital retailing solutions may struggle to effectively capture leads from their website traffic. These mandated solutions may not be optimized for lead capture, leading to lower conversion rates compared to specialized website conversion tools.