Video Best Practices

Level Up Your Follow-Up 

It can be difficult to stand out in the follow-up process with customers. That’s where video can make all the difference. We had a chance to chat with Dabari Destine, a video expert, at Gatorland Toyota to discuss the impact of using video in the sales and follow-up process.

About Dabari Destine

Destine has been in the automotive industry for over four and a half years. His approach to using video has not only helped him stand out against competitors but has also allowed him to build stronger, more personal connections with his customers.

The Impact of Video on Sales

By creating personalized and engaging video content, Dabari connects with customers on a deeper level leading to more sales.

“Videos have changed my sales process in a way that I’ve been able to connect with my clients more personally,” says Dabari. “It gives a more in-depth look into my side of the business.”

Enhancing Follow-Ups with Video

Follow-ups are an essential part of the sales process and video can enhance this. Instead of using traditional methods like phone calls or emails, Destine uses videos to check in with customers, provide updates, and even offer support. 

“In the follow-up process, videos help you connect with your clients and stand out from the rest,” Destine explains. “You can give little check-ins and show there’s a friendly face behind the camera.”

Supporting Customers Post-Sale

Communication with the customer doesn’t end once the sale is completed. Destine continues to use video to provide support and connect with the customer after the purchase. Modern vehicles can be complicated and customers often have questions about new technology and features. Destine helps customers by creating video tutorials that walk customers through various aspects of their vehicles.

“I often get people responding after the sale with questions, so I send them quick tutorial videos,” says Destine. “I always tell them, ‘I’m like 24/7 IT support, just reach out to me.'”

Incorporating video into your sales and follow-up strategies can significantly improve the customer experience. By incorporating video into your sales and follow-up processes, you can offer a unique and effective way to connect with clients, provide support, and build connections. 

Thank you Dabari Destine and Gatorland Toyota!