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Kraft Nissan Generates 500+ Leads in a Month

“For ROI, or bang for your buck, or however you want to put, no one else is even close,” says Mason McFalls of Kraft Nissan when asked about Trade and creating used car inventory sourcing opportunities.

In their own words, TradePending helped them increase their trade-in leads by 500%, allowing them to cut marketing spend in other areas, reallocating it to additional sales staff.

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This is a different twist on a case study. Mason McFalls, the Digital Marketing and Sales Manager at Kraft Nissan, didn’t switch to TradePending. Their dealership was already using Trade for website conversions on trade-in leads. They were seeing solid inbound lead flow and conversion rates, but still managed incredible growth. What changed?

What Mason did was simple…but let’s back up one step.


Mason joined Kraft Nissan in the Fall of 2020, with no prior automotive experience. He quickly proved his worth at this Tallahassee dealership, translating his skills from the financial industry. Today, Mason leads digital strategy at the dealership.

TradePending Kraft Nissan Case Study

Mason’s simple, yet ridiculously powerful approach? Look at each vendor, cut what wasn’t needed, and maximize the potential from the remaining software providers. 

For TradePending, that meant attending our education and customer training webinars, and then putting those ideas into practice. 

“I saw how much free advice that TradePending provides their customers, and how much untapped potential we still had with Trade. I could see we still had room to grow.”

And along the way, he cleaned their CRM and marketing databases, implementing new processes to keep the data clean in the future.


With help from TradePending and his Regional Sales Manager David Lowitz, Mason crafted a series of email marketing campaigns, designed to create more trade-in opportunities.

These emails were plain text with a casual tone, relevant to their market, and that anyone could relate to. The results were astounding. 

Within 24 hours of the first email, they’d received 100 new trade-in leads. Their 2nd email brought in nearly that same amount. 

Kraft Nissan concluded May with 529 trade-in leads, up from 99 the previous month, achieving 434% lead growth, all from implementing best practices and utilizing their existing in-house expertise.

Kraft Nissan Case Study Secret Sauce


While other dealerships may begin to feel the pinch of inventory shortages, Kraft Nissan is hiring additional BDC agents to handle their growth. 

“To handle the number of leads coming from TradePending and our marketing efforts would require two full-time positions”.

Writing and sending an email campaign is straightforward, with the real magic coming from a well-maintained CRM and relevant messaging to the market.

“Why spend thousands of dollars paying other companies to email our market, when we can easily handle that ourselves? The key is making sure our data was clean, and having a killer conversion tool on the other end like Trade”. 


Mason continues to lead the efforts at Kraft Nissan which we can rightly describe as “digital transformation”. They’re shifting their ad budget from 80% traditional / 20% digital to the inverse of that: 80% digital with 20% traditional. They’re launching a new website to better serve their customers. They continue to look for other areas to grow their business without having to revamp their entire marketing budget and strategy. But some things will stay the same. 

“We’ve stuck with TradePending because it was the easiest to use, both for us and for our customers. Now that we’ve seen how much farther we can take it by implementing their best practices, we’re in for the long haul”.

– Mason McFalls, Digital Marketing & Sales Manager Kraft Nissan

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