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It’s Bad When Buttons Don’t Do What They Say They Do – The CTA Wars Round 4


When your website visitor clicks on a button that says “this is gonna happen”, but then something different happens…that’s not good!

The CTA Wars acknowledges that all of us software vendors are competing for limited real estate on a dealers website. If you control the buttons, you get to claim all the results.

There ain’t nothing wrong with healthy competition, but sometimes us vendors go astray.

When you go through the TradePending process, it’s literally less than a minute. You’re capturing those top of the funnel shoppers, the vast majority of people on your site.

In this second example in the video, the user gets dropped into a full-blown digital retailing experience. The tagline says “in less than a minute”, giving the appearance of a quick process, then the first thing the user sees is minutes upon minutes of work.

Whether or not it actually takes that long, if they’re not ready to buy a car online, they’re bouncing out, and your conversion rates are going to reflect that. It’s a misunderstanding of where the buyer is in their shopping journey.

You can see the same confusion when someone is looking to value their trade-in or calculate a payment and unexpectedly get dropped into a real-time chat.

Yes, you want to capture those top of the funnel browsers, those highly motivated lower funnel shoppers, and give chatters the ability to chat when they’re ready, just be clear about what’s going to happen when your customers click that button.