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Is Your Website Your Service Business’s Worst Enemy?

In the fourth quarter of 2023, six publicly traded dealership groups reported increasing revenue from parts and service. What’s behind that, and what should you, and not do about that? 

Higher Payments & Higher Service Costs

When vehicle sales are slowing down, and they’re more expensive to finance and insure, and the car driving population is holding on to their cars longer, that means more cars need servicing. Then over the last 10 years the cost of auto maintenance and repairs has increased 50%, driving up those revenue numbers also (see the video for the chart!). . 

Dealer’s ain’t no dummies, and when asked where they see the most opportunity for revenue growth this year, 39% are saying service (see the video for the chart!). 

Not Listing Service Offers Is Not Good

Having worked with thousands of dealers, we frequently see that a dealer’s website is their own worst enemy at helping them capitalize on this immediate service opportunity. That simple and very correctable error? Not listing your service offers and their pricing.

When you want to check out a restaurant before driving there, you check it out online first. If there’s no menu and no prices, are you going to be more likely or less likely to visit that restaurant? 

That thought process of course holds true with your dealership’s website. No service offers? Less business. You’re looking at a service offers page with no service offers, but instead selling merch. People will do business with the companies that provide them the information they seek. 

Just Get Started

You don’t need software to get your service offers listed! Crawl, walk, run this thing and just get something basic up there, now! 

But if you do want software that makes it really easy to keep your service offers up-to-date on your site, across your stores, across your marketing channels, that integrates service financing, and that creates more recall business…we’ve got just the software for you, and we’d love to show you how easy it is. 




How has the cost of auto maintenance and repairs contributed to the growth in revenue from parts and service over the last decade, and what implications does this trend have for dealership operations?

The cost of auto maintenance and repairs has significantly contributed to the growth in revenue from parts and service over the last decade. With maintenance and repair costs increasing by 50% over the past ten years, dealerships have experienced a surge in revenue from servicing. This trend underscores the importance of dealership service departments as a key revenue generator, especially during periods of reduced vehicle sales.

Why is it important for dealerships to list their service offers and pricing on their websites, and how does this impact consumer behavior and dealership revenue?

It is crucial for dealerships to list their service offers and pricing on their websites to meet consumer expectations and drive business growth. When consumers visit a dealership’s website, they seek information about available services and associated costs. Failure to provide this information can deter potential customers from engaging with the dealership, leading to missed business opportunities. By offering transparent service pricing online, dealerships can attract and retain customers who prioritize convenience and accessibility when choosing service providers.