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Inventory Sourcing from Service Drive

Today we’re covering one of the easiest ways to source inventory from your service: placing hang tags on the rear view mirror after service is complete that ask a customer if he/she wants to get a trade-in value for their car.

We’ve got customers that routinely acquire 3-10 new vehicles every month from this approach, and it’s dirt cheap to pull off. Here’s how you do it.

There a few steps – creating the tracking URL, create a QR code, create the design, then print them out on VistaPrint or any other bulk online printing site, or a good local printer if youve got one.

Step 1

  1. Create a tracking URL – if you want to be able to measure how many people interact with your hang tag, and ultimately convert, you need a tracking URL. We cover this in depth in our “How to create tracking URL’s” video, but the gist, 
    1. visit Google’s URL builder
    2. Drop in the URL for the “value your trade” landing page that’s on your site today
    3. Input in your tracking details
    4. And voila – you’ve your tracking URL now
  2. Now take tracking URL you just created to any QR Code creator site (just Google it). Even VistaPrint has one:
  3. Design – VistaPrint has existing templates, but we recommend designing your own because you’re going to want to drop that QR code on this thing. TradePending customers – we’ve got templates ready to go for you if you need them
  4. Go to VistaPrint, or any other bulk online printing site, and search for Door Hangers. Pick your size & Choose your quantity, upload your design

1,000 of these things are 11 cents a piece!

Run the math on that. For just over $100, you can get an additional 30,40,50 trade-in leads per month from your existing customers, that’s a really, really good return on ad spend.

Have you seen similar or different results?