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Does Video Influence Sales?

Does video influence sales? Yes, yes it does. Unequivocally. A small town dealership in Eastern NC proves that it works, and sometimes the sales team just needs a little nudge. 

This Eastern NC dealer had just adopted using video in the sales process. The GM believed that adoption was going to be a challenge, so he created a spiff program. He offered compensation to create videos of all of their inventory. 

The team got comfortable using the video and it also ensured all the inventory was filmed, making it easy to add in later when sending personalized videos to customers.

The results? Video influenced 43 of their sales over a 3 month period. Looking at the data, the watch rates on the videos blow away typical engagement rates for basic text and email. 

I also want to help the reps that sent a lot of videos but had lower watch rates. There are some simple steps, like using thumbnails of the car or the rep’s face, which can increase watch rates.

Our video customers frequently tell us that their customers love getting a personalized video, and will drive past other dealerships to buy from them as a result. If your sales team isn’t using video yet, it’s time to give it a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does video influence sales?

Yes, video unequivocally influences sales. A dealership in Eastern NC demonstrated that incorporating video into their sales process significantly boosted their sales.

How did the dealership in Eastern NC incorporate video into their sales process?

The General Manager introduced a spiff program to encourage the sales team to create videos of all their inventory. This not only made the team more comfortable using video but also ensured that all inventory was filmed and easily accessible for personalized customer videos.

What were the results of using video in sales for the Eastern NC dealership?

Over a three-month period, video influenced 43 sales. The watch rates for these videos significantly outperformed typical engagement rates for basic text and email communications.

How can sales reps improve their video watch rates?

Sales reps can take simple steps like using thumbnails featuring the car or their own face. These visuals can increase the likelihood of customers watching the videos.

What do customers think about personalized videos from dealerships?

Customers often love receiving personalized videos. Many of them are willing to drive past other dealerships to buy from one that provides personalized video communication.

Should my sales team start using video?

Absolutely. If your sales team isn’t already using video, it’s time to give it a try. Personalized videos can significantly enhance customer engagement and boost sales.