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Impact of Video at Audi Mississauga’s Service Department

Introduction and Background

Audi Mississauga continues to deliver premium service, maintaining high reviews and customer satisfaction across its two locations. In 2023 Service Manager, Nevash Parmanand, believed that using video to connect with customers would help elevate them above their competition and meet their customers high expectations, he just needed to get the team on board


It can be difficult to meet customers’ expectations for quick, efficient service without compromising on quality. Audi Mississauga wanted a solution to communicate with the customer quickly while adding a human touch, leading to them using video. However, it took a lot of work to get the service techs on board. The objections from techs to adopting video were the same objections of techs everywhere: “I don’t have time”, “I don’t want to be on camera”, “it’s going to slow me down”.

Working Together 

Nevash implemented TradePending’s Video For Service (formerly Snapcell)  to make conversations with customers less challenging. He changed his team’s mindset by emphasizing that they are an essential part of the customer experience. That is, they’re not just working in isolation in the shop, the customers really value their expertise and truly want to hear from them. 

Gradually the team was on board, and employee morale and confidence increased with every video sent. This allowed the technician and customer to build stronger relationships. 


In April 2024, Audi Mississauga sent out 650 videos to their customers, achieving an impressive 70% watch rate and an increase in repair order approvals. The feedback from customers has been positive, with many going so far as to compliment specific advisors by name, both through online reviews and in person. They consistently have high Google Reviews, with both locations holding an average rating of over 4.5 stars.

The expectation for a video with each service has now become the norm among Audi Mississauga’s customers, with many even requesting MPI videos. The technicians have also continued to become more confident and they receive frequent praise from happy customers.  

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