Hot Takes with Reunion Marketing

TradePending’s Hot Takes series returns with special guest Dave Spannhake from Reunion Marketing. Yes, we’re putting our own spin on the popular YouTube series “Hot Ones”, where we interview our guest over progressively spicier chicken wings.

In this session, we’ll put some tough questions to Dave to ponder.

  • We jumped straight into the deep end of AI and ChatGPT, and how that’s impacting dealerships as well as their own business.
  • We then explored what types of campaigns are currently the most successful with their clients.
  • What the heck is going on with privacy and cookies, and how does that tie back to SEO?
  • We wrapped things up with a discussion on how to “recession proof” your dealership through smart marketing

Speakers & Diners
Matthew Davis, CMO TradePending
Dave Spannhake, Founder & CEO Reunion Marketing