TradePending TV

Have you heard of TradePending?

We take to the streets to see who has heard of TradePending, and why that’s a great thing for our customers.

You wanna know why no one has ever heard of TradePending? We don’t spend millions of dollars a year advertising to consumers like our brand name competitors do. 

The reason they spend that money? They want everyone thinking of trading in or buying a car to come to them first, so that they can capture that lead, and re-sell it to you and your competition. 

They. Are. Competing. With. You. On paid ads, on paid social, on TV ads, on search engines. Their motivation is to build their brand.

As a marketer you kinda have to respect that, but if you’re a dealer and you’re spending money with them, you are funding your competition. 

TradePending is here to build your brand, not ours. (Plus we don’t have millions of dollars to spend on consumer ads, but we wouldn’t even if we did!)

Plus, results trump a brand name any day of the week, and we’ll take that challenge, well, any day of the week.