Case Studies

Harrisonburg Honda Does Video the Right Way

When a customer drives past other Honda dealerships to buy from your Honda dealership because you sent them a personalized videothat’s winning.

The Setup

Harrisonburg Honda is a veteran-owned dealership that thrives on exceeding customer expectations and personalizing each experience. Heading up the team is Bryan Horne, General Manager and Operator, who has been in this role since August of 2010. He joined the dealership in 2004 and takes great pride in leading his team as well as giving their customers the very best customer experience.

A New Reality Requires a New Approach

As the COVID-19 pandemic began to unfold, Harrisonburg Honda—like many automotive dealerships across the country—had to quickly adjust its business operations while making sure they were still providing excellent customer service. For a dealership that prides itself on building long-term relationships with customers, this was no easy task. 

In order to continue providing the level of customer service they wanted across the sales and service departments, the team knew they had to overcome unprecedented challenges. Bryan believed that communicating with video just might be the way to navigate this uncertainty. He sought out a dependable automotive video tool to ensure the continuity of their business operations.

Working Together

After evaluating the various video solutions on the market, Harrisonburg Honda chose Snapcell in March 2020, given that it’s built specifically for the automotive industry and provided the easiest-to-use and most reliable platform. Bryan and his team quickly recognized the potential of video, and Snapcell transitioned from their temporary tool to navigate through the pandemic to a key necessity for their future. 

“Overall, the Snapcell product enhances the customer journey and makes it easier to track and follow up on leads.”


In Bryan’s own words, here are the benefit they’ve seen at Harrisonburg Honda by using Snapcell.

A Success Story 

“We had a customer who had been shopping for a Honda at multiple dealerships and made inquiries to all of them. As part of my follow-up process for internet leads, I always send a follow-up video.

This customer mentioned that we were the only dealership where the General Manager himself sent a video and followed up them. 

They appreciated the personalized touch we provided, and as a result, they chose us over other dealerships. 

They even drove past several Honda dealerships just to purchase their vehicle from us.

Convenience and Efficiency

“Snapcell has significantly improved our team’s efficiency, specifically for my internet salespeople. You can send a text with a video and even attach an email to it, completing three tasks in a single action. I absolutely love it!

Enhanced Customer Engagement

“The personalization factor is significant and invaluable. Prospects are assured they are interacting with a real person—a salesperson who is available and eager to assist. Since incorporating Snapcell videos in my follow-up process, I have noticed a significant increase in customer engagement, even after the sale.”

Valuable Reporting

“With Snapcell, we can track and analyze our interactions. For instance, if we send out 100 videos and 50 of them are opened, that’s a significant conversion. It provides valuable insights into customer engagement and helps us identify active prospects. 

Additionally, if one of my associates sends a video, I am included in the conversation thread, enabling me to see the interaction and jump in if necessary.”

“Snapcell has truly elevated our level of engagement with customers.”

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