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How a “What’s My Car Worth” Campaign Can Get You More Trade-In Leads

Do you want to make more money? Sure, we all do. If you’ve got an hour to devote to creating an email campaign for “What’s my car worth?”, you can make more money in an hour. 

The Winning Plain Text Email

This simple marketing tactic works wonders and is super easy to execute upon. We’ve got clients that literally, and I mean literally in the literal sense of the word, hundreds of leads a month with this approach. That means more sales, more trade-ins to source for inventory, and more money, but hopefully not more problems.

Here’s all you’ve got to do. Write a plain text email, and write it like a real person would write, not a marketer because you can’t trust marketers. That email should say something like, “Hey, we’re still really interested in buying cars from our customers. If you’re interested in knowing what we’d pay for your car, go here to get a quick value on it. It only takes about 10 seconds”.

Slap that copy into an email and keep it plain text. No need for fancy graphics, but do link the “get a quick value on it” to your “Value Your Trade” landing page.

Segment Your Audience

Take a look at your CRM, segment your audience by date of purchase, and pull out those customers in your sweet spot for being ready to trade in, whether that’s 2 years or 5 years or whatever your data tells you.

Communicate With Your Team & Make Follow-Up Easy

Before you hit send, do these two things. First, make sure you notify the sales team of what’s going on, so they’re prepared to handle an influx of leads. Second, have an email or SMS template built and ready to go that makes it easier for your team to respond quickly. It’s even better if your team responds with a personalized video introducing themselves and asking, “Why are you thinking about trading your car in?”

If you’ve never run a “what’s my car worth” email campaign, or it’s been a while, fire this up and let us know how it goes.