Video Best Practices

Four Types of Walk-Around Videos for Dealerships

Constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with customers and drive sales? Walkaround videos bring your experience directly to the palm of your buyers hand, allowing them to explore vehicles from the comfort of their own homes. Let’s delve into four types of walkaround videos that have proven successful for boosting car sales, drawing insights from our top-performing dealers.

1. Showroom Tours: Bring the dealership experience to your customer’s homes. By inviting customers to your showroom virtually you can showcase the ambiance and variety of vehicles that you offer. Be sure to focus on your dealership’s branding and highlight key areas that make your dealership special.

2. New Model Intros: The arrival of a new model is an exciting event! Create walkarounds that stir up all of the excitement and interest. Discuss what sets the new model apart and don’t hesitate to point out the improvements over last year’s model. Persuade your viewers to consider the latest addition to your lineup!

3. Used Car Highlights: Pre-owned vehicles are a significant aspect of any dealership’s inventory. When creating walk-around videos for used cars, it’s important to emphasize value for money and the condition of the vehicle. Highlight any new parts, the maintenance history, and certified mileage. Show prospective buyers why these cars are worthy of consideration.

4. Sales Events & Promotions: Get potential customers to visit your dealership as soon as possible with these videos. Sales and promotions can create urgency and excitement and entice viewers with time-sensitive offers. Be sure to talk about any price reductions, financing deals, or special giveaways that accompany the sale.

Walkaround videos offer a great way to engage customers, showcase inventory, and drive sales for your dealership. Start creating impactful walkaround videos today and watch your car sales soar.