Video Best Practices

Feel Less Awkward in Video: Hear from a Pro 

Video has become an essential part of the car buying process, allowing dealerships to connect with customers in a much more engaging way. 

But we get it.

It’s awkward to be on camera. That’s why we met with AJ Trainer, a Video For Sales all-star at BMW of Gainesville, to see what sets her up for success. 


Transparency can be scary. But it’s also essential in building trust with potential buyers. AJ ensures that the vehicles she shares in videos are accurately represented. “If there’s a scratch, I make sure to highlight that before they come in,” says Trainer.

Personal Touch

Your customer only cares about one thing: their potential new car. That’s why AJ “sets up the shot.” By moving the potential car away from other cars or other distracting backgrounds for a video, she can really show it off and create a stage for the video. 


To avoid any awkwardness, AJ practices and prepares before filming. “I typically print out either the build sheet for a BMW or a Monroney sticker so I know the features that come on the vehicle,” she says. 

Overcoming Video Awkwardness

Stay Informed: Knowing the vehicle inside and out helps AJ avoid awkward silences. “If I’m walking around a vehicle I don’t know anything about, that could be a silent video, and that could be really weird,” she jokes.

Be Adaptable: AJ adapts to the situation, whether it’s dealing with bad weather or addressing specific customer requests. She offers to provide additional pictures or videos if needed, ensuring the customer gets all the information they need.

Show Personality: Humor is a big part of AJ’s approach. “I always throw in jokes because that’s how I am as a person. I think I’m funny,” she laughs.

Thanks to AJ and BMW of Gainesville for their tips on how to make the ultimate videos for sales.