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Favorite Part of TradePending’s Market Report: The Transparency

The TradePending market report is packed with tons of valuable information for both the dealer and consumer, but this one part is my favorite. 

When someone is on a dealer’s website that uses TradePending, and that person wants to see how much their car is worth, we provide them back a wealth of great data. 

The person can see how the local supply and demand for their vehicle is changing over time, and how the value of their car compares to the same vehicles in their market. 

That part is very cool, but still not my favorite part. If or when the person updates the mileage, that will update their numeric value as well as its position on the graph. It’s such a great visualization and such an important nugget of transparency.

Speaking of transparency, that’s my favorite part, this section at the bottom. 

This is where the consumer can see everything the dealer has to do to get that car frontline ready. It makes that conversation around “why are you going to pay me less for this car than I can sell it on my own” so much more open and honest. 

As most dealers will say, “The reason is because we have a great reputation in this market of selling high quality vehicles, and we’re going to put the work into your car that it needs in order to deliver on that reputation, and still run a profitable business.”