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J.D. Power Stats: Doubling Your Service Revenue with Video

If you had to guess, what percentage of people agree to recommended service when that recommendation does or does not include video and photo?

Our friends at J.D. Power dropped their Aftermarket Service Index Study, and it contains not one, but two bombshells

The first is that while multi-point inspections are routine and common, 77% of customers aren’t receiving any kind of photos or video documentation of their needed repairs. If that doesn’t smell like a great opportunity yet, here’s bombshell number 2.

If you send your customers video of their repairs, 51% will get the work done. If you don’t, only 24% will get the work done. There’s a handful of reasons for this, but just because you say they need something done, doesn’t mean they believe you. They need to see to believe to approve.

If you want to double your service revenue, start sharing photos and videos of needed repairs with your customers.

If you don’t know where to start, we can help you navigate the alternatives for video solutions for service departments, and we’ve got a really simple, really lightweight solution that any tech can use.



What key findings were revealed in the J.D. Power Aftermarket Service Index Study?

The study unveiled two major findings: Firstly, despite multi-point inspections being routine, 77% of customers do not receive photos or video documentation of necessary repairs. Secondly, there’s a significant difference in service approval rates between customers who receive video documentation of their repairs (51%) and those who do not (24%).

How much more likely are customers to approve repair work when provided with video documentation?

Customers are over twice as likely to approve recommended repair work when they receive video documentation of the repairs, with an approval rate of 51% compared to just 24% without video.

Why do photos and videos of repairs impact customer decisions?

Visual documentation helps customers see and understand the need for the recommended repairs, making them more likely to believe the necessity of the work and subsequently approve it.

What percentage of customers typically do not receive any visual documentation of their needed repairs?

According to the study, 77% of customers do not receive photos or video documentation of their needed repairs during routine multi-point inspections.

How can sharing photos and videos of repairs benefit service revenue?

Sharing photos and videos of required repairs with customers can significantly increase the likelihood of them approving the work, potentially doubling service revenue.