TradePending TV

Double Your Conversions Triple Your Sourcing

In the past 2 years we’ve launched two products and acquired 3 companies. Do you think our private equity backers are gonna let us slack off and not integrate those products and not achieve maximum cross-functional optimized synergistic opportunities? Hell no they’re not. 

We’re smashing all these new products together…elegantly…to create a better experience for our customers (all you dealerships out there) and their customers (all you car buyers and owners out there).

There’s no better example to highlight product integration and why it matters than sourcing used car inventory.

Layer 1 is simplest. Trade & Offer are our solutions for helping people get a trade-in range or single price guaranteed offer on their car. This is the no-brainer place to source used car inventory.

Next we layer on our Payments product, which lets people get an estimate on their monthly payment, or browse your inventory by the monthly payment they can afford. Nestled into that process is valuing their trade-in. Voila! More opportunities to find used cars to acquire.

Now we stitch in our AutoBio product, which makes it really easy for buyers to do all their vehicle research in one spot. They get this detailed report and EUREKA! Right there they can move themselves farther along their car buying journey and value their trade. And you’ve again got more vehicles to source.

Here’s the last integration point stemming from our acquisition of Snapcell. Throughout the buying cycle, you’re ideally using video to communicate. SHAZAM! Right there is the option for people to see how much their car is worth. Enter info. Get Value. Get lead. Acquire Car.

In Private equity speak, that’s 1+1+1+1 = 7. In real world talk, we’ve gone from a single point solution that was already a phenomenal sourcing tool, and tripled your chances at inventory sourcing. In marketing speak, that means your website conversion rates have doubled too.