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Don’t Confuse Lead Capture with Digital Retailing

Do you need tools on your website to capture as many leads as possible? Yes. Do you need a tool to sell a car fully online on your website? Yes. But don’t confuse the two, and we’ve got the data to help you understand why. 

How Many People Are Buying A Car Online Today?
There’s a recurring theme here: the majority of people visiting your dealership’s website are not ready to buy a car online. Look at this poll of 335 dealers.

Poll showing how many people actually buy a car online, as told by dealers.

What percentage of consumer vehicle purchases monthly are done completely online? The answer is some but very few.

Don’t Put Early Stage Shoppers Into Complex Tools They’re Not Ready For
But yet…so many vendors want you to use their call-to-action buttons to take a simple trade-in or payments estimate and turn it into a full-blown digital retailing or appraisal process. Or maybe your digital retailing tool has been forced upon you by the OEM (try this).

Don’t confuse top of the funnel lead capture with bottom of the funnel digital retailing buyers. If you do, your website conversion and your bank account is going to take a hit.

More Data on Website Conversion Rates
This data comes from an agency out of Atlanta, Automotive Marketing Gurus

Payments, which is our product and a website conversion tool, converts website traffic into leads for their clients at 39.4%

Well known digital retailing solution #1 converts at 6.6%

Well known digital retailing solution #2 converts at 5.2%

Would Your Rather Sell 5 Cars or 1?
If 100 people start the process, would you rather have 39 people finish, and sell 5 cars or have 6 people finish and sell 1 car?

A tool designed to convert website traffic outperforms digital retailing by a factor of 7, and does so at a third of the cost. Yes, keep that digital retailing tool, but don’t confuse your buyers by putting them into the wrong tool at the wrong time and…

Don’t confuse lead capture with digital retailing.