Case Studies

Bring Dead Deals Back To Life With AutoBio

Put Customers First With AutoBio

When a dealership is looking for a way to put its customers first, it needs a game-changing tool that takes buying a car to the next level. Solutions like AutoBio make every salesperson an expert on the vehicles in their inventory. Not to mention that each salesperson will be able to improve their communication skills and provide a more engaging experience, packed with information that the customer needs. Don’t let a sales opportunity slip out of your grasp; take advantage of AutoBio.

Stay Alert with AutoBio

One of the hardest parts about the buying journey is knowing if a possible buyer is ready to re-engage., TradePending takes the guesswork out of the process by bringing dead deals back to life. When a customer stops responding, it can be challenging to know when they have rejoined the car-buying journey; with the help of AutoBio, it’s not impossible. TradePending alerts your team via text and/or email when a previous buyer re-engages with the report. It does not matter if the initial contact with the report was made three days or three months ago; you can depend on TradePending to be ready whenever an old lead re-engages Having access to this information allows car dealerships to strike when an opportunity arises while also providing a unique car-buying experience to potential buyers.

Don’t Miss Out On Converting Browsers Into Buyers

Customers utilize 24/7 access to modern technology to research any vehicle they are interested in. With AutoBio, you can have all that information readily available at the click of a button. When a customer re-engages, they will have all the vehicle information and your dealership contact information in their hands so you can stay in the forefront of their minds when they are ready to purchase a vehicle. The AutoBio report is a helpful tool that will guide them through valuing their trade-in, determining an estimate of their monthly payment, and shopping for their next vehicle within a set budget. AutoBio makes it simple to turn the research process into making a sale.

Seamless Integration and Better Marketing

With the help of AutoBio, the sales team can quickly and easily access all the information on a specific vehicle that a customer is interested in. The sales team can also initiate conversations and provide customers with a transparent and knowledgeable experience, including creating and sharing personalized videos. TradePending has also integrated products like payments, offers, and trade into AutoBio so customers can immediately take the next step without bouncing to a third-party site.

Improve Sales With AutoBio

A dealership can increase customer engagement and visits by providing all the necessary information to customers from the beginning. AutoBio makes it easy to centralize all the essential information, such as market dates, service records, window stickers, and more. When you have all this essential information present, you increase the time a customer spends on your site, improving the probability that a purchase will be made. Thanks to AutoBio, your sales team will never miss out on a chance to make a sale even after the deal has “died.”


Can AutoBio integrate with a dealership’s existing systems as well?

AutoBio seamlessly integrates with existing dealership systems and software, ensuring a smooth and cohesive workflow for sales teams. By connecting with common dealership management systems (DMS) and customer relationship management (CRM) software, AutoBio allows dealerships to access and manage customer data efficiently and enables sales teams to leverage AutoBio’s capabilities within their existing infrastructure, streamlining processes and enhancing productivity. Dealerships can benefit from a unified platform that centralizes essential information and facilitates seamless communication with customers throughout the sales process.

Can dealerships customize the content and layout of AutoBio reports to provide a more personalized experience for customers?

AutoBio offers dealerships extensive customization options beyond vehicle details, allowing them to tailor the customer experience to their unique brand identity and marketing objectives. Dealerships can customize AutoBio reports with additional marketing materials, next-step offers, and branding elements to create a personalized and engaging experience for customers.

What types of support channels are available for dealerships if they encounter any issues or require assistance while using AutoBio?

To assist dealership staff in effectively utilizing the platform, TradePending offers a range of training resources and support services. These resources may include interactive training sessions, informative tutorials, and access to a dedicated support team. Dealership staff can benefit from hands-on training sessions tailored to their specific needs, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills required to maximize the potential of AutoBio.