Beyond “Back to Basics” With Three Sales & Marketing Pros

Ever wonder what happens when you throw a Client Advisor, a General Sales Manager, and a Marketing Director into the same venue to share their expertise on “getting back to basics”? Magic, that’s what happens.

These three pros didn’t need to get back to basics because they never lost their swagger. If your team needs some help, they can absolutely learn from the best in this upcoming live session.

We’ll cover the best practices of:

  • Growing your sales through referrals and being upfront
  • Managing your sales team with discipline and focus
  • Marketing the customer experience and improving communication


  • Alaina Jackson, General Sales Manager, Denooyer Automotive Family
  • Ashley Cavazos, Marketing Director, DeMontrond Auto Group
  • Ally Askew, Client Advisor, Schomp BMW Highlands Ranch
  • Bonus Speaker! Veronica Dunford, Women In Automotive

Moderator – Matthew Davis, CMO, TradePending