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Best practice – Stop talking about what you want.

Despite the M in my title I’ve got close to two decades of selling experience. bringing you one of my favorite fixes for bad sales follow up and outreach.

Here’s a mistake I see salespeople make all the time. 

They use the word “I” and they talk about what they want.

Hey – I want to know are you still interested in XYZ? 

I’m hoping to reconnect with you…

Here’s the problem – nobody cares what you, the salesperson, wants. People care about themselves . 

Here’s how you fix it.

Whenever you want to use the word “I”, swap it out for “WE”.  W – E.

And always put things in the context of what that person wants, not what you want. 

So instead of saying “I want to know”, reframe that to be “We’re to help with your car research. Any questions we can answer for you?

Sounds better, right?