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A Favorite Service Offers Feature: Automatically Syncing Website Service Offers with Facebook Paid Ads


If you could 1) not have to manually create ads for service offers 2) have the same offers, pricing, and messaging on Facebook that’s on your website and 3) direct your customers to a dedicated specials page with that same consistent messaging, you’d do that right? 


One of the best and the most utilized features of TradePending’s Service Offers, aka the Fixed Ops Digital product, is our integration with the Facebook API. 


Think of it like an inventory feed of your service offers to Facebook and Instagram, letting you just sit back and relax.


That integration means that the service offers you’ve got on your website can automatically 1) create new ads for you on Facebook and Instagram 2) sync the messaging and pricing between the channels and 3) provide a great landing page for those campaigns for people to schedule their next service appointment with you.


If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, you know where to find us.