Video Best Practices

3 Proven Techniques to Boost Your Dealership Videos’ Engagement

If you’re looking to make better, more engaging, sales-driven dealership videos, (which we know you are) you’ve come to the right place. Drawing insights from our highest-performing dealers, we’ve pieced together 3 proven ways to improve the engagement level of your dealership videos.


1. Be yourself and don’t forget to smile

It might seem overly simple, but being your authentic self can be one of the most effective tools in video engagement. No one is interested in watching a dull sales pitch; they want a genuine human connection. Be sure to bring your best self, brimming with positive energy and a warm smile. Remember, enthusiasm is catching, and a happy face can go a long way in making your videos more appealing and engaging.


2. Make it personal

Personalization is key in capturing and keeping your customer’s attention. When making your dealership videos, consider directly addressing your viewers by name, and be specific about what they need. Taking the time to personalize your videos shows that you genuinely care and understand your customers’ requirements. Dive into the details that matter to them, and earn their trust through your attentive approach.


3. Journey into start-stop clips

Long videos can be a snooze fest for your viewers. To keep them tuned in, try using start-stop clips. The start-stop feature is as easy as pressing the record button when you’re ready to speak or showcase a vehicle, then releasing it when you’re finished. This helps you move swiftly from one point to another, focusing only on the most essential information.


Bonus: Be Creative and Have Fun

Lastly, don’t be afraid to show off your creative, goofy side. The best videos often break the mold, providing entertainment alongside education. Showcase your dealership’s unique personality, and remember, having fun is infectious. Remember, the most important thing is to be genuine, personalized, concise, but most importantly – have fun with it!